The Southern Nevada Health District has raided an organic farm picnic destroying the organic produce, which was classified by them as bio-hazard material.

The raid at the highly regarded and reputable Quail Hollow Farm, which sits in the picturesque Moapa Valley of Southern Nevada took place place after a tip off of the event because some of the food was not 'certified' in the correct state.

Apparently all the natural food served from farm must be certified by the United States Department of Agriculture so the owners had to dispose of all food including vegetables because of their 'bio-hazard potential'.

This meant the owners of the farm had to pour bleach on the produce in order to safely render the dangerous organic healthy potatoes safe and prevent them from being eaten by the farm owners as private citizens or by livestock such as the pigs on the farm.

All this was done at the request of a representative of the Southern Nevada Health District called Mary Oaks.

One individual who attended the picnic who is identified on the video below said "It's despicable with the feast that was prepared to have the order [from the Southern Nevada Health District] for not a valid reason for a certified chef to destroy all this food, it's just an absolute shame not because we are here but because its good quality food that has no reason to be destroyed."

This is probably one of the most ridiculous stories I have ever covered. How can eating healthy organic produce possibly be discouraged and categorised as 'bio-hazard material', whilst America is full of fast food outlets with substandard produce which can only be described as poison.

America had better wake up fast and start supporting their local farmers and walk away from fast food outlets forever.

The inspirational Jamie Oliver went to the United States and found himself up against a wall of ignorance and hostility from many Americans, who unfortunately have been brainwashed into believing that processed food is OK to eat and that shows the battle that natural food producers are up against in these end-times. Just ask yourself, who is man that he can order people not to eat food as God gave it to us?

People of America it is time to Occupy your food and someone should think about organising an 'Occupy our Food Week' or a  'Support your Farmer Week' where everyone in America buys local produce or in the case of city dwellers, seeks out organic produce sold from reputable farms such as the one mentioned in this article and find out if they do an online service.

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