New app helps traders stay in constant contact with global markets.

Keeping track of World stock markets and relevant news feeds can be an all-consuming chore for traders. There are now over 100 stock markets operating around the world and 25 different time zones. These days it is impossible to stay chained to a desk and minutes can mean millions.

Trader Clock is a unique new app launched today which ensures that traders never miss the opening or closing of a market or breaking news. For the professional trader it means they are always in touch whilst not at their desk. For the enthusiast it brings that important slice of information, found more commonly on the big trading floors, to their fingertips.

Operating on the iPhone or iPad, Trader Clock displays the current status of the global financial markets with local times. It features financial markets opening, closing and trading sessions with alerts and colour coded countdowns. It also displays pre-market auction times. The user can select which markets he is interested in and program automatic alerts for opening and closing times.

Trader Clock’s market calendars include local holidays which are vital information as different countries celebrate holidays at different times and each stock exchange has its own working hours (i.e. Persian Gulf countries observe a Friday-Saturday weekend).

Trader Clock is unique as it is the only app available that combines market hours around the globe with news feeds. Current news is vital for reports, results and announcements and all traders need news feeds at their fingertips wherever they are.

News feeds can be selected from Trader Clock’s extensive list and the user can easily add any other feeds. The app offers the ability to customise and filter feeds and set up alerts for events. It then aggregates all feeds into one list with the most recent news first.

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Trader Clock

Joelsio Lima, Managing Director at Abbeycomp IT Solutions which has developed Trader Clock said: “Say a trader lands in Barbados and wants to keep in touch with his key markets, the time difference and disorientation could quite easily throw him. In today’s always on society it is vital that a trader has his finger on the pulse of the markets wherever he may be. There is now no need for a trader to ever suffer from ‘betlag’ again as he can now have both news feeds and market opening information on his phone or iPad.”

Trader Clock is available to download now from the App Store for £4.99 or via

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