Simon Cowell has called the police to investigate claims on a website that he has rigged Britain's Got Talent for Ronan Parke to win.

An article in an anonymous blog has stated that Cowell first encountered Ronan Parke 2 years ago singing somewhere and has rigged the show for Parke to win.

Apparently it goes against the shows rules if a judge has seen the prospective star perform prior to their audition or something like that anyway…..

The article claims it is written by an exec of Sony BMG through which Syco operates (Syco is Simon Cowell's imaginatively named production company).

Syco denies all claims that the show is being fixed by Simon Cowell and Ronan Parke's family and friends are also dumbfounded by the allegations, which have since been removed from the  website.

The poor lad has even been dragged into the debate and he has spoken out saying that he has never met the music mogul Simon Cowell before.

Ronan Parke won the hearts of grannies across the country with his brilliant audition in which he gave a faultless rendition of Feeling Good by Nina Simone.

Ronan then went on to sing Adel's cover of the Bob Dylan classic To Make You Feel My Love in the semi-finals, which demonstrated continuity of quality in his vocal performance.

So the young and talented Mr Parke probably has nothing to worry about and doesn't need the assistance of someone trying to fix the show seeing as the tastes of the British public have been changed by years of talent show performers falling into the category of what Simon Cowell can market.

Ronan isn't the bookies favourite for no reason.

Cowell can market Ronan Parke but he would have great difficulty in marketing class acts like bell ringers Gay and Alan or the highly original Up and Over who combined their Irish dancing skills with a unique table slapping dance.

Funny that in the later stages of the talent competitions Cowell always disapproves of artists that are beyond what he can market.

Now then…

There is no such thing as bad news (unless you're Tiger Woods) and it would be out of the realms of possibility that this whole scandal has been the invention of someone with a vested interest in the show having high viewing figures who could have posted or written the article themselves.

It is almost impossible for Cowell to rig or fix Britain's Got Talent votes, and to attempt to do so runs the risk of destroying forever the credibility of any of the talent shows which he is affiliated with.

But the rumour of show fixing brings in even more viewers to already substantial viewing figures and that means big bucks from the advertisers.

Simon Cowell is a money man and I am sure wouldn't do nothing to jeopardise  his credibility or financial security, but the question remains would he inject a little oohh la la into the proceedings just before the Britain's Got Talent Final?

So has Simon Cowell fixed the outcome of Britain's got talent?

Well…the Simon clearly is taking the matter of anyone accusing him of rigging the show very seriously so I must be very careful in answering the question…

I hear by go on record as saying YES YES YES Simon Cowell has fixed Britain's Got Talent….

But not in the traditional vote rigging sense or subterfuge in the elimination process or by pushing an artist he wants to win.

Nor do I suspect that he has rigged the show for any specific artist to win.

But he has fixed the show gradually over the past few years by his influence on the tastes of the public.

These talent shows are an abomination to most truly talented artists and they want to have nothing to do with them. The great British public have been told that a great and talented singer is a great and talented artist.

This is  categorically not true.

So when it comes to subtle yet powerful originality (like that which Up and Over or Gay and Alan have in abundance) it is lost on the public because it falls out of what they have come to perceive as a talented artist, therefore the public demands that a performer meets a specific criteria in order to meet those tastes and the criteria follows what Simon Cowell markets.

To pass the criteria an artist must:

1. Sing well but in a way which is marketable and not much outside the "norm".

2. Dance well but in a way which is marketable and not much outside the "norm".

And that's it because that's what Simon can (sometimes at least) successfully market.

So how has Simon influenced the tastes of the British public?


Lets use X Factor as an example and how it has changed the tastes on the British public and therefore had a knock on effect on Britain's Got Talent.

Aside from exceptions to the rule like Paul McCartney and Take That (Gary Barlow holding the lion's share of talent for the band), Simon's choice of special guests reflects what the public are to measure the X Factor hopefuls against.

The bulk of the special guests on the show are great singers like Mariah Carey, Christina Aguilera, Whitney Houston or Beyonce.

None of which can be described as great artists….don't get me wrong they are top of their game (OK maybe Whitney is slipping a little) and some of the world's greatest singers but great artists they are not.

The word artist has been cheapened for too long and was once an accolade only bestowed on those who broke the mould and not those who simply retrod well trodden ground.

So these special guests are what the public are led to believe is the pinnacle of artistic expression and their tastes are formed accordingly.

Then you have the previous years winners who managed to get somewhere close to or just slightly above the mark of the previous year's special guests and they are now the benchmark.

This includes Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke both of whom are excellent singers, but not artists.

Neither have composed a masterpiece nor have anything to say that will make a generation of young people get up of the sofa and question their existence. But they are the new benchmark of talent for the public because Simon says so.

Simon Cowell you are a genius.

You have managed to dumb down the British musical tastes more in a couple of years than Radio One has in decades.

I take my hat off to you….

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