The Marvel marketing machine has now stepped up into first gear for it’s next movie release as the latest trailer for Captain America arrives on the web.

This new collection of footage for the Sentinel of Liberty’s live action outing provides much more in the way of unveiling the movie’s possible plot whilst fleshing out the characters we can expect to meet and also those who may make a welcome cameo appearance.

The theme throughout the film’s marketing campaign has clearly been “Retro” and this trailer indicates that the futuristic but retrospective design of both machinery and costumes will look well rendered and stylish whilst the movie has been given a deliberate colour palette that almost shouts 1940.

It also looks as if Chris Evans is really throwing his weight behind his character’s shield and it will be interesting to fully witness the Cap’s journey from draft reject to fully bodied fighting hunk.

Elsewhere Hayley Atwell’s attractive heroine sounds very British beneath her American uniform whilst Tommy Lee Jones’ Colonel Chester Phillips provides enough steely gruff to give even Thor a hard time.

An added plus is the cameo by the father of a certain superhero industrialist which should help provide a connection and timeline with the forthcoming Avengers movie.

Indeed the only criticism that can be levelled at the trailer as a whole is that although we do learn more about the origins of the villainous Hydra organisation, we do not see enough of Hugo Weaving in full Red Skull mode, but then some things are worth waiting for.

Captain America: The First Avenger is released on July 29th.

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