Bestoutcome’s latest app assesses the on-going viability of projects.

Bestoutcome, the specialist consultancy in outcome-driven project management, today announced the launch of its Project Gateways Assessor, an innovative project management app for use with Apple’s iPhone and iPad, from the Gartner Program and Portfolio Management (PPM) & IT Governance Summit 2013. Available free via the iTunes App Store, the app helps Project Managers objectively assess their project’s ongoing viability and readiness to pass through a specific Project Gateway – a formal governance control point where the project’s on-going viability is challenged.

The Project Gateways Assessor app takes users through four sets of questions that cover the key issues when reviewing a project’s current viability. These are: Business Case; Work Quality; Deliverability; and Benefits Realization. Using the answers to these questions, the app provides a detailed rating of a project’s readiness to pass a specific Gateway and suggests corrective actions to help improve this rating. Finally, there is an option to print or email a full report to colleagues, sponsors and stakeholders.

“Projects obviously appear viable at the time they are approved,” explains Iain Aitken, Systems Architect, Bestoutcome. “But as projects progress through their lifecycle they can become more complex and broader in scope and it can be difficult to deliver promised business benefits on time and to budget. Should we just press on regardless throwing good money after bad – or ask some serious questions about ongoing project viability? Would it best to re-scope, reshape or re-baseline the project, or should it continue with a few corrective actions? This app aims to go some way in answering these questions. Of course, it does not replace our full Project Review consulting service, but it is the perfect starting point for organisations considering Project Gateways governance processes.”

The Project Gateways Assessor is able to hold multiple projects, as well as multiple gateways within each project. In addition, the user is able to revise their ratings at any time during a project’s life.

This is the third app developed by Bestoutcome and builds on the success of its previous apps. These include the Project Risk Gauge app, which enables users to perform an on-the-move assessment of a project and assess the risk of it failing to be delivered to budget, schedule, scope or quality targets, or failing to deliver the promised benefits; and the Change Readiness Assessor app. The latter helps senior managers about to implement a new way-of-working into their business to gauge whether their organisation is prepared for the change. To purchase any of these apps, please visit the iTunes app store here.

Project Gateways Assessor App

Project Gateways Assessor App

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