The Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply (CIPS) has launched a website to showcase the exciting options a career in the procurement and supply management profession can offer.

Useful to teachers, careers advisors and to students themselves, the site has been designed for young people by young people. Focus groups and social media competitions were held to discover the brands that inspire those ready to make their career choices.

Emma Scott, Representation Manager at CIPS said, “Anecdotally we hear that people ‘fall into’ procurement as a career; this was certainly the case for me, and we’d like to change that and make it a profession of choice.  The site is a one-stop-shop for everyone who is either supporting others to choose their careers or looking for inspiration themselves.

The site takes visitors on a journey through the different responsibilities in a procurement and supply management role including sustainability, supplier relationships, category management and indirect buying. Easy to understand and supported by real industry case studies, visitors are taken through a typical ‘day in the life’ of a buyer and how some young people have taken their first steps into the profession.

Work and Business (PD)Scott continues, “We wanted to show young people the variety of activities and responsibilities that procurement professionals get involved in. We’ve tried to show young people that every industry and every sector needs professional buyers so if you are interested in engineering but not wanting to get your hands dirty, or fashion but have no flair for design, there are procurement roles that really make a difference to the business in these industries.

With commentary from Lord Alan Sugar, Peter Jones from Dragons’ Den and Michelle Mone, owner of Ultimo on the ‘Purchasing’s impact’ page talking about the importance of good procurement in an organisation, CIPS is also calling upon its members to spread the word through presentations at their local school.

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