It's like something out of a Hollywood blockbuster, a Vietnam veteran selling T-shirts in New York thwarts a terrorist plot and saves the day.

You may think that is a romanticised version of the events that unfolded in Times Square but I argue that it isn't and my justification for this statement is even more romanticised but that's all part of the sprinkling of magic fairy dust on to ordinary mundane life events.

So open your hearts to the facts surrounding Duane's heroic actions.

If Duane Jackson hadn't served in Vietnam then how would he have known what the smell of gunpowder smelt like? The car that held the explosives was burning with smoke coming out of it which is suspicious enough but for that smoke to smell like gunpowder is probably the key factor that made Duane Jackson realise this could be a terrorist plot unfoding in front of him.

Duane then quickly informed the police and the area was evacuated and the act of terrorism was stopped in it's tracks.

But firstly would you or I have paid much attention to the car left running with hazards on? probably not.

I suppose it must have come from an awareness that is developed in ,which most civilians don't have because we have not experienced front line battle situations or had to go into environments where car bombs are laid as traps to kill the unwary.

Duane Jackson would have had such experience in Vietnam making him notice things that are just a little out of step with the ordinary world and it is for that awareness developed all those years ago many people owe their lives to Duane Jackson today.

I am sure this one event will end up in script form on the desk of a film director before the week is out.

Jolly good too!

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