In the last nine months about 15,000 NHS jobs have gone as a result of rising demands and lack of new money.In a report on the Independent it is claimed that dozens of hospitals are shutting wards and scaling back services depsite the coalition's pledge that the health budget would be protected from the public sector spending cuts.

With the report comes a list of hospitals looking to slash and save.

It also points out that there is also the question of cutting back on social care within communities that may throw more strain on hospitals to provide some sort of care.

It's funny how quickly the blame is shifting, no actually it's not people have such short memories.

Over the last period that Labour was in power the whole of the UK's economic system, both private and public, was slowly and carefully extracted from its foundations and re-built on a bed of sand. Just like the first little piggy in the nursery rhyme. So when the big bad wolf in the form of the recession arrived at the front door he didn't have to blow too hard did he?

Now the coalition are having to manage the inevitable and ensuing collapse in the best way possible. And that does not and should not include placing scaffolding around the subsiding structure without first getting the foundations right. That foundation should be to get the deficit down as quickly as possible. Remember that any deficit just keeps adding to the overall national debt so compounding our problems.

That also means that the country will have to scale back its expectations in every way. All our public sector services were built on debt, including the health service. You cannot have first class spending on a service when you don't have a first class economy. If we in this country want to have the best of everything then we need to be the best economy in the world.

I would put it this way, some of the recent spending on health by the Labour governments came at the expense of those that need it tomorrow.

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