Thirty Leeds University teachers and students together with seventeen people rescued from the local A66, were cut off for two days in the ultimate 'pub lock-in'. A very long New Year’s party in the Tan Hill Inn, the highest pub in Britain at 1,732 Ft above sea level, resulted after they became trapped by 7 ft snowdrifts.They were down to the last of Black Sheep’s Riggwelter when they were finally rescued from their arduous ordeal (when a sheep is on its back and cannot get up it is said to be riggwelted, this can also be applied to humans). The Tan Hill Inn also has more than just the spirit in the bottles, there is also a resident ghost, that of Mrs Peacock who ran the place for 40 years.

Arguably Leeds United had an even better result when they managed to take on and beat Manchester United 1-0. An away win that will echo round the halls of Elland Road for many years to come.

In the third round FA Cup tie the competition, famous for its upsets, pulled another twist. Manchester United have not lost in the third round since 1984 and had been favourite for a comfortable passage against their league one opponents.

Manchester United played far below their capabilities and Jermaine Beckford took advantage after 18 minutes and calmly passed the ball into the net.

After this Manchester United could never wrest proper control of the came away from Leeds and at times tempers frayed. In fact Leeds had the opportunity to put at least one more past the Manchester defence but never quite made it.

The surprise was that Leeds, who should have been out of their depth, took the bull by the horns and rightfully won the day. Maybe this will give them the financial impetus needed to exercise the Elland Road buy back clause after they were forced to sell the ground on a lease-back agreement.

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