Nick Clegg and David Cameron have a marriage of convenience and the EU veto might be reasonable grounds for divorce, or have they actually fallen in love?

Nick Clegg is currently playing to the Lib Dem party faithful over Cameron's decision to veto the latest proposal by Germany and France to ensure that a Merkozy led Federal Europe styled Fourth Reich is born out of an economic crisis and how the UK not signing away further sovereignty is  "bad for Britain".

But is all this just posturing for the majority of his Europhile party?

By all accounts senior Lib Dems may not be in very good cheer with 'la veto' however it is becoming increasingly acknowledged in the political pseudo-secret dark corridors of Westminster that the blame rests squarely on the shoulders of the French and Germans who were not in the mood to negotiate over any new treaty.

Clegg and his aides know this to be true and David Cameron would not have walked into the negotiations with failure to come to some agreement, which would threaten the fragile Conservative/Lib Dem coalition as his overriding objective.

The deputy Prime Minister is not ill informed and knows the views of the euro-sceptic majority of Conservatives represents the mood of the British people, even though this goes against Clegg's own political beliefs.

He is also painfully aware that if David Cameron did sign up to the treaty then it would be political suicide and spell the end of the coalition….UKIP ahead of the Lib Dems in some opinion polls is testimony to this.

Germany and France have both abandoned their longstanding tradition of shooting each other en-mass and have decided to come together and make sure the economic crisis is justification enough to unify Europe into a homogeneous zone where barriers no longer exist.

Anyone thinking that any resulting cultural and political/economic unification from a federal Europe are two separate things is simply being naive and wilfully ignoring the way in which societies and cultures change due to economic conditions and political interference thereof.

Cameron and

Cameron and

The Liberal democrats are acting as a more effective opposition within the government than the Labour party are externally in as much as they are there to make sure the government is held to account against their own core values and achieving concessions.

But in a British political system where there is no left wing representation in the political chamber and the three main political parties have policy differences as opposed to ideological ones it comes as no surprise that there will be no massive rebellion amongst the Lib Dem ranks.

But expect some pretty darn impressive sabre rattling over the next two weeks before it all fizzles out in a collective display of  British political amnesia…..

Cameron's veto will be pulled out every once in while with a similar effect as a vampire hunter producing a crucifix to ward off a werewolf…… will be a dramatic gesture, but just completely ineffective.

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