The announcement by David Cameron that he wanted to 'roll back' on green levies came as a surprise said Nick Clegg, the PM's deputy and LibDem leader.

And while Nick Clegg was telling the BBC Radio 4 Today programme that the move, of which he was given 30 minutes notice of, was '…not something I fully agree with' the opposition leader, Ed Miliband was calling it a 'panicked wheeze', something LibDem Sources also echoed.

Mr Clegg said to the BBC “I’m not frankly entirely sure what rolling back green levies [means]. If removing all green levies which help two million people on very low incomes, which help support thousands of jobs in our renewable energy sector, if that is what is meant, I think that would be an own goal.” He then went on to say that he would not accept the wholesale scrapping of levies.

Friends of the Earth’s Head of Campaigns Andrew Pendleton commented:

Nick Clegg is right – it’s the rocketing price of gas that’s the driving force behind soaring energy bills, and the Government must meet this head on if it’s serious about helping cash-strapped households. 

Nick Clegg by David Spender

Nick Clegg by David Spender

To tackle the rising fuel bills that ordinary families face the Government must roll back the influence the Big Six energy companies have on the market.

The Coalition should urgently develop a comprehensive programme to insulate Britain's woefully heat-leaking homes – its disastrous Green Deal has only been taken up by a handful of households and is risking jobs in the energy efficiency sector.

Long-term we must cut the costly, dirty gas we burn in our power stations too, which will only be possible if the Liberal Democrats support a clean power target in the Government's Energy Bill.”

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