Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg paid a special visit to Black Mountain Gold Chocolate in Crickhowell yesterday.

Nick Clegg was joined by the much loved Brecon and Radnorshire MP, Roger Williams and AM's Kirsty Williams in the special tour of renowned chocolatiers,  Black Mountain Gold Chocolate.

The decision to specifically visit Crickhowell's premier chocolatiers may have been influenced by the fact that Nick is a fan of the extraordinary quality of the chocolate produced there, which stands as an example of a British business at it's best.

Master Chocolatier, Jules James greeted Nick Clegg and his entourage and managed to coax the Liberal Democrat leader into partaking in one of Jules James's fantastic chocolate making courses.

The quaint courtyard setting managed to hold off the rain during Nick's visit which allowed him to talk to other local businessmen and local producers in the courtyard.

Nick's  stop off was part of his visit to Wales where he visited many places including Fishguard, Swansea and Wrexham.

During his trip around Wales, Clegg used the opportunity to point out the catalogue of errors made by the previous Labour government who's mishandling of the economy (and encouraging systemic risk in the banking system) lead to the unpopular and painful cuts.

Nick Clegg making chocolate

Nick Clegg making chocolate

Editorial thoughts:

The cuts are only relevant in the current economic construct where the public sector is funded by borrowing and the tax take from the private sector.

However if there was a separate currency running alongside the UK Pound specifically aimed as a medium of exchange and exchangeable with the UK pound then the options for public sector funding are increased ending any further cuts and would see an explosion in public sector funding.

Providing there  is no inflationary spillage over to Sterling…… The Economic Voice is working hard to formulate ideas for creating a means to separate the public sector funding from taxation.

If you have any ideas on this then please do not remain silent on the matter.

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