Nick Clegg has hit back at claims in the Daily Mail, that he intends to step down as  the Lib Dem Leader.

Speaking to the BBC, the Lib Dem leader said the allegations that he would step down were "drivel". Clegg (from aristocratic stock and a public school education who regularly tries to draw distinction between himself and other politicians of aristocratic stock and public school education) said

"I intend to see it through well beyond one term."

And entering into a coalition with the Conservative Party was

"the right thing to do"

When questioned about a possible pact with his wife Miriam to step down as Leader of the Liberal Democrats which was reported in the Daily Mail Clegg replied:

"I really wouldn't believe a word you read in the Daily Mail… they've got a bee in their bonnet about the coalition and the Liberal Democrats and they come up with drivel every single day.

"I'm in this because I think it's the right thing to do… Miriam supports me fully in this and I want to see us succeed in the coalition government and beyond."

"The government's priority is to deliver the coalition agreement and most importantly to rescue and to repair the economy."

So the man who has compromised in order to maintain stability for the country intends to remain leader of a party which is "punching above its weight"?

Or should that read 'man who compromised most of his manifesto promises to maintain the stability of a few rich people at the top of society (which he is a part of) at the expense of preserving a financial system that expects the lower incomes to support the higher incomes, likes his job thank you very much'.

Debt forgiveness is not on the table for traitors like Clegg who push forward their agenda of maintain the status quo and will gladly force debt upon generations to come who have had nothing to do with debt incurred.

Maintaining a 50p tax rate Mr Clegg?


Doesn't even get close to the real issues of the breakdown in the democratic process which he would encourage by integrating the UK with Europe ending all democratic accountability.

"What's that got to do with him standing down and supporting the Conservatives in coalition?" I hear you cry.

Well Nick Clegg is a pro-Europe, pro-sustaining our current financial system (both in policy and by propping up the Conservatives in coalition)  individual with marginal tweaks who makes no provision for debt forgiveness  and promotes the fight to pay off fictitious debt owed to various financial organisations ALL of which have been directly or indirectly bailed out already by the tax payer.

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