As crowds gather to pay their respects to the fallen brave soldiers on their final journey home from Afghanistan one controversial face stands out amongst the crowds. It is the face of the far right BNP leader Nick Griffin.

Many will question the motives for Nick Griffin's presence at the Wootton Bassett procession and the sensitivity of his being there after generals and many members of the British public expressed their anger at the use of images of the armed forces during World War 2 as propaganda material for the BNP.

Nick Griffin is one of the most hated politicians in Britain's history which is something he freely admits to and his beliefs on race and immigration cannot be masked by his denial on previous statements, but through what could be construed as opportunistic actions he is actually highlighting problems within our society that MPs from other parties are not addressing because of political correctness and fear of reprisal from within their own parties.

I personally have no time for the man or his ideology and would leave the country if he were elected, however he has brought the problems of immigration and the lack of gumption by the MPs to tackle the ongoing Afghanistan conflict to the forefront of debate in this country.

And it is because of this he is gaining popularity and is in some ways a necessary evil in British politics when other parties are being political sensitive to appease sensitivities created not by British Values (Whatever they are).

Hopefully the other main parties will act sooner rather than later to the cries of the British people and so prevent the BNP making any further inroads into political acceptance and legitimacy.

Through his attendance he has aligned himself with a growing grievance within the British people with the hopeless campaign being waged within Afghanistan which is seeing our children being sent to war against a force that sent the Russians packing, and our troops are asked to serve our country with inadequate equipment or backup.

The Military may have expressed their anger at Nick Griffin's party's use of World War 2 imagery but the families of our fallen heroes are not being listened to and the body count is increasing so the BNP's stance on the war may convert many over to their ranks from anti war sympathisers.

This is a dangerous turn of events and a point at which the other main parties must come forward now to stem the flow of voters over to the BNP by listening to the pleas of  disaffected voters.

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