Nigel Farage has fired a warning shot at the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, by attacking his Brexit plan.


Speaking on his LBC radio show, the leader of The Brexit party, Nigel Farage, has dismantled the Boris Johnson Brexit plan and said it was 'for the birds'.

And when listening to what Boris Johnson said during his visit to Scotland yesterday, you can understand Farage's cynicism.

Boris Johnson said that the UK needs to build a new partnership with the EU, co-operating on such things as defence, security and intelligence together with scientific and cultural collaboration. 'Everything you would expect' he said. but with a free trade deal that allows us to make our own deals and control our own tariffs.

And once again reiterated his commitment to leaving the EU, come what may, on the 31st of October 2019.

Now, I have to agree with Nigel Farage when he interpreted this to mean that Boris wants us to believe that within the 93 days remaining prior to Brexit Day that he is going to forge a whole Irish border backstop-less deal with the EU.

To which Farage said, 'that ain't gonna happen'.

So what Boris is trying to do, said The Brexit Party leader, is get rid of the backstop. Then present the exact same Withdrawal Agreement surrender treaty agreed by Theresa May, minus the backstop, to the country as a brand new deal and a big victory for Boris.

And Boris can then point at it and say that it includes all the new partnership stuff on defence, culture and science etc that I talked about earlier.

Now, as many commentators have pointed out in the past, here are lots of things wrong with the whole of the Withdrawal Agreement, with the backstop being just one of them.

The whole Withdrawal Agreement has to go.

So, if the Boris game is to re-package the whole thing minus the backstop as his own, then he is going to be found out very, very quickly.

Especially if he ends up arguing for a 'short technical' Article 50 extension to get the deal through parliament.

But Farage is on the case and hasn't just stopped with talking on his radio show.

There are reports that he is about to unveil another 150 parliamentary candidates for any forthcoming general election and he has already upset the Tories by standing a candidate in this Thursday's parliamentary by-election in Brecon and Radnorshire. This has allowed the Lib Dems to gather the Remain vote as the Greens and Plaid stand aside so giving them a very strong run for the seat which, if they win, will cut right into the Tories' remaining majority.

As has been said before, political parties only listen when their MPs start losing seats.

Finally, what is it about Brexiteers and busses? First you had the £350 million a week bus and now you have the Brexit Party bus that fails to proceed.

BBC journalist Sue Charles was travelling to Cardiff over the weekend when she came across a Brexit Party campaign bus with its nose buried in a hedge and blocking a lay-by.

There do seem to be some conflicting reports about whether it had either broken down, or that it had got stuck when trying to manoeuvre and turn around.

But whatever, maybe Brexiteers should steer clear of busses in future.


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