The report published by the CBI today is out of touch with reality, says UKIP.

In a recent YouGov survey commissioned by Business for Britain, almost half of CBI members polled said they felt the cost of red tape outweighed the benefits of EU membership.

Responding to the report where the CBI makes the case for the UK staying in the UK. UKIP leader Nigel Farage remarked "There is this deeply flawed view that leaving the EU would somehow mean a sudden end to trading with Europe. The CBI does not consider the more realistic option that if we left the single market and freed ourselves from its red tape and politicised agenda we would still be able to continue to trade strongly with Europe on our own terms. Leaving the EU would not mean turning our back on Europe.

"Instead the CBI are proponents of this skewed view that Britain can renegotiate terms with the EU to create a more streamlined relationship. That would have to involve treaty change but the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso has ruled that out. Without treaty change there can be no significant renegotiation at all. We would simply be cutting a few loose threads from a coat that no longer fits.

"We are far better getting out of the EU and building a fresh relationship with our European neighbours. That is what the Government and organizations like the CBI should be looking at rather than clinging to the vain hope that the EU project can be miraculously cured of its ills."

UKIP went on to point out that if we left the EU the UK would still have a seat at the WTO and that, according to House of Commons Library research, if the EU tried to cut us out of extant trade agreements it would be contravening WTO rules.

Also, says UKIP, according to the recent Business for Britain poll [1] of over 1,000 business leaders:

-66 per cent in favour of in/out referendum

-46 per cent of business leaders believe the costs of complying with red tape outweigh benefits.

-56 per cent feel that ‘meaningful change’ of the UK’s relationship with Brussels requires treaty change-but Barroso has been clear that cannot happen

-The poll found that business leaders would like the Government to repatriate powers in nine separate areas, a more far-reaching renegotiation than even David Cameron has suggested.

-They want the UK not Brussels to control employment law, environmental regulation and health and safety legislation.

-By 58 per cent to 21 per cent British business leaders want to see the Government focus on the emerging economic powers like Brazil, China and India rather than the EU for future trading links.

-Interestingly the poll found that even among members of the CBI, 49 per cent to 44 per cent believe that the disadvantages of the Single Market now outweigh the benefits.

And lastly, says UKIP, remember that the CBI was once in favour of the UK joining the Euro, a position widely damned today.

Nigel Farage by Jeff Taylor © The Economic Voice Limited


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