Daily Brexit Update: Saturday 14th July 2018

The former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage, reinforced his previous comments on his LBC show that he could return to frontline politics should Theresa May not follow through on a proper Exit from the EU, by telling the BBC that "If we get to the spring of next year and Article 50 has been suspended or if this betrayal has continued, then yes, I would seriously consider chucking myself back into the frontline of this."

And speaking on Newsnight Michael Portillo warns that, as far as he can see, we're either going to get a 'non-Brexit Brexit' or remain a member of the European Union!

As expected UKIP founder professor Alan Sked says that Theresa May should just walk away from the negotiations.

As we all know, The Donald threw the expected hand-grenade into the works by criticising the UK Prime Minister (video):

But there was an attempt at trying to shrug all this criticism off later:

And, as expected, Donald Trump was asked about his comments to the Sun regarding Theresa May's Brexit plans – and the PM just rolled her eyes (video).

The Telegraph reports that aides to President Trump had asked Tory Brexiteers how The Donald could assist them in achieving a clean Brexit.

And the former UKIP leader, Nigel Farage offers his comments on the visit (video):

But why is it that anti-Trump protesters can wave nasty hateful placards like this? In fact, why would so-called 'progressives' think it appropriate? Unless they are more fascist than progressive of course.

The UKIP leader, Gerard Batten points out some anomolies in police thinking by comparing yesterday's anti-Trump demonstration with today's pro Tommy Robinson rally on Twitter:

And the National Crime Agency (NCA) is warning that the soft Irish border is being exploited by people traffickers, says Breitbart.

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