Is reality beginning to dawn on the Eurocrats that just blindly trying to somehow 'punish' the UK for voting to Leave, would actually cause them significant economic damage?


A secret EU report is warning that the economic fall-out of a no-deal Brexit would be worse for the bloc than it would be for the UK.

Should a no-deal Brexit be the outcome as negotiations collapse, then Eurocrats are worried that the complex array of EU red-tape and the need to gain permission from each member state at every stage, will not allow them to react speedily enough to any problems that arise.

Conversely, the UK government will be in a position to move swiftly with changing circumstances and make the decisions it needs to.

"Officials fear that decisions would need the green light by member states and the EU Parliament – taking some time." Says the Daily Mail.

"While the decisions could also be bogged down in legal challenges as many steps taken would have to be in line with EU treaties.

"This means that they could be challenged in the European Court of Justice – further delaying the scramble to get the plans up and running."

They are also worried that it could cause a political vacuum in Brussels as well as adversely affecting EU member state unity.

And to cap it all, Brexit Day is quickly followed by the 2019 EU MEP elections, which will place extra strain all round as the EU parliament will be breaking up just three weeks after Brexit and won't meet again until July, when its political make-up could be vastly different, if the rise in right wing populism continues!

One senior EU source is quoted by the Sun as saying:

"It will be very difficult to co-operate. In most areas where we will need to act there will be national vetoes in play.

"All countries will be able to block."

Far from boxing the UK into a corner, it may actually transpire that the Eurocrats have painted itself into one!

So, this could be an opportune moment for Theresa May to do the right thing and resign to quickly hand the reins over to a true Brexiteer. But I don't see that happening any time soon, do you.

But she could at least drop that ghastly Chequers based Brexit plan – after all the only people that back it are Tory party opportunists and those that want to use it as a route back into EU vassalage.

Brexiteers definitely don't like it and that means many at the grassroots of her own party.

So when Tory constituency associations were asked to buy and deliver the latest crop of leaflets supporting her now fatally flawed Chequers deal, there was the predictable backlash.

"The leaflet, entitled "the Government's plan for Brexit means the right deal for Britain", has prompted a furious response from Eurosceptic Tory MPs who have said that they will refuse to distribute it in their area." Reports the Telegraph.

But get this, the leaflets themselves are a sickly Lib Dem yellow, a very apt colour for a Tory surrender to the EU document, don't you think.

If one of these landed on your doormat, you'd need to hold your nose and retrieve it with a pair of long handled tongs, before depositing it safely into the recycling bin.

And you can imagine that any Tory activists that do end up going door to door with these leaflets, will get home with a pressing urge to quickly wash their hands – even if they'd been wearing gloves.

Now I must say I'm a bit disappointed with the mainstream media today.

There are nowhere near enough Brexit scare stories for me to poke at.

All they've done it seems is recycle the weekend's stories about a fall off in the numbers of EU citizens coming to the UK to work – which incidentally is having the effect of pushing up wages, now there's a thing.

As well as trying to convince us that a couple of reprocessed polls mixed in with some other data proves that the whole nation has caught a dose of the Remainiacs.

Ah well, we've got the rest of the week to look forward to haven't we.

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