David Cameron’s political private secretary Laurence Mann has written on behalf of the prime minister to Anita Segar, a senior Conservative party member in Oxfordshire and said that there would be no EU referendum because of the ‘very clear result’ of the referendum in 1975.

The Express says that the letter was sent in reply after Anita Segar, who is also president of the Society for Graduates at Oxford University, wrote to the PM and threatened to resign from the party in protest over his ‘betrayal’ to fulfil manifesto pledges and have a referendum.

The Express has published the letter here.

Full of the usual platitudes about how valuable our membership is, the letter adds the twist of saying that a referendum on the EU would be too simplistic.

Too many people, it says, view the matter as either ‘yes’ to everything or ‘no’ to everything and it is far more complicated than that. And that one single argument for not holding a referendum is something ‘…we find irrefutably powerful’.

Rather,’ says the letter ‘the government believes it much more effective to use the weight of our membership to negotiate and force positive change.’ This one statement that shows the Tories full commitment to EU membership.

Mr Mann also points to the European Union Bill before parliament at the moment, which will force a referendum if more power is proposed to be handed over to the EU. A ‘referendum lock’. The Bill he says will also ensure Parliamentary sovereignty by requiring EU laws only to take effect through UK statutes.

Of course the EU has some serious failings too, and there are certainly areas where its powers should be reduced. But a simplistic in/out referendum – posing an artificial choice that does not do justice to the range of views in the country – would be highly unlikely to settle the question of Britain’s membership of the EU at all.’

So there you have it. At the end of the day none of the three major parties was ever going to give you a referendum on Europe.

But why should they? Everyone keeps voting for them anyway with the top two parties taking turns to do as they please. We are getting, as ever, the government we deserve.

If, as a voter, you feel strongly about this then do not vote for either Labour, Tory or LibDem. They will not deliver whatever they say, and you will be disappointed once again.

Both Cameron and his aide are being naive in that they do not realise that Britain has woken up to the dangers of the totally flawed EU project.

But they are also being clever in that they know the chances of the voters ever being in a position to force a referendum are infinitesimally small. Because, at the end of the day, only the Tories or Labour will ever be in power. With the result that we get ever more entangled in the EU can of worms.

Then there is the unstoppable EU machine. There is no off switch, there is no brake. Only thousands of people paid with your money to use your money to produce more EU rules to control more of your lives.

And for those that tell you we must be in the EU just ponder on this. If we left would the Channel Tunnel be filled in? Would a barricade be erected across the Channel? Would flights from the UK to the EU cease?

Or would the EU still want to try and get into the 60 million people market on their doorstep?

Then there is the double-think when you compare a referendum to leave the EU with a referendum for Scottish independence. One is unthinkable, but other not. But the concept is identical, other than Scotland probably being more tied into the UK than the UK is tied into the EU.

It does not matter what the main parties tell you or what they promise with their e-petitions. The only way to get what you want is to take it by voting for a party that gives you a promise you can believe to give you a referendum within a year or stand down.

Keep the pressure on and vote in the Express’s e-petition, however useless Mr Mann’s letter makes it seem. Make sure that there are more than the 100,000 signatures needed to get a debate in Parliament. Make the number is so large that they can no longer ignore you.

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