The Queen of Camden Town has apparently been a little rude during a performance by Enrique Iglesias at a leaving function for Universal boss Lucian Grainge.According to the usual web chat and media sources Amy and her entourage talked all the way through his rendition of 'Hero' which even caused the Latino crooner to stop during the song to ask for quiet.

However Amy quite out of character did exactly what Enrique requested and remained silent.

This is not the first time Amy has been a little inconsiderate during someone else's performance after her questionable behaviour during a Pantomime in Milton Keynes.

This would all suggest that she is a rather naughty girl and there really is no excuse for this kind of behaviour but this is Amy Winehouse and she is not quite the full shilling and is not the first famous individual to be rather badly behaved.

What would Keith Moon have done under such circumstances?

After all Enrique and his bland soulless music can test the most civilised of individuals to the point where anarchic behaviour would almost seem appropriate through having to endure songs such as 'Hero'. So for a wild, untamed feral artist like Amy the environment would have been most challenging.

We all have our rude rock and roll moments even if we are not Rock Stars, I had one on the way to the shops this morning.

Whilst driving through the glorious Welsh countryside I decided it was time for a cliché rock and roll moment so I wound down the car windows and blasted Jimi Hendrix's version of all 'All Along the Watchtower' singing my head off.

I approached a T-junction where a Special (needs) Constable shouted at me telling me to turn the music down.

I gave him the finger and told him to go forth and multiply but in a cruder fashion.

For one small moment I embodied everything that was Rock and Roll. I was Jim Morrison crossed with Sid Vicious and the authorities could go to hell because I was wild and free.

Either that or I was a  sad specimen of a human being with egg stains down his top who was being rather disrespectful to someone who was simply trying to maintain a good standard for the people of Wales.

……. Nah! I was a Rock God about to break into some dangerous air guitar whilst driving and my audience at the world's biggest concert in my head were waiting for my solo.

How dare he interrupt my performance!

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