The makers of ITV's Coronation Street have warned the cast not to tweet on the set of the show and to be mindful of what they tweet into the public domain in case it reveals the goings on in the story lines or paints the show in a bad light.

This is a serious threat against the staff who will find themselves in deep trouble if they give away any snippets of the tedious monotonous drivel that millions tune into every week.

This comes in the wake of the leak that gave away a tram disaster to be shown in December to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the soap opera in which Jack Duckworth will apparently die.

What a way to celebrate 50 years of a television show! Why is it that these soap opera script writers are hell bent on showing scenes of sheer misery on special occasions?…..Just look at the tradition of inflicting as much trauma on the British public as they can in what they call their Christmas specials.

Do they hate us?

Why can't Lucas Johnson from EastEnders make a cameo and raise Vera from the dead? Oh no…that would be too positive a script to write!

Let us not forget the British public are prone to reacting to the plots of soap operas because some are not intelligent to differentiate between fact and fiction….just ask Graeme Hawley who was attacked because of the shenanigans of his character in Coronation Street.

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