The Supreme Court has today rejected an attempt to force Britain to offer prisoners the vote in European and local elections. This was grasped upon by the prime Minister, David Cameron, at Prime Minister's Questions when he said that he was glad that the Supreme Court had put this issue to bed and stated that this was a decision for the UK parliament not the 'European Union'.

But of course, a 'human right' is a human right as decided by whichever club or group of clubs you belong to at the time. So any decision one member may make may end up being overruled by the club bosses (ECHR in this case).

UKIP is delighted by this result but rightly warns that it is only a temporary stay of execution.

As Nigel Farage, the UKIP leader said:

"I have to applaud the judges of the Supreme Court for their unanimous decision to reject these spurious demands to extend the franchise to prisoners. They at least are trying to uphold the settled wishes of the British public.

Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage

"However I fear that this case will not be the end of the matter because those, inimical to our traditions, wishes and interests in the European Courts will not accept this judgement.

"The ECHR has time after time made clear that it wishes us to capitulate in the principle, and this Government is still deliberating on how to give ground.

"The Government should return to its proposed legislation and strike out moves to offer limited franchise to prisoners. If they don't do so they will both reject the wishes of the population, and show the European Judges that in the end Britain will blink".

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