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Single parents benefits targeted by Yvette Cooper

October 26th, 2009
Author: Richard Henley Davis

Back to her family friendly push The Work And Pensions Minister Yvette Cooper is now threatening to take income support away from single parents and throwing them onto Job Seekers Allowance. The move shows the increasingly tough stance being adopted by the government on benefits and a move towards reducing the unemployment figures and reducing

the reliance on the benefits system by single parents.

If you're a single parent and are reading this then look away now.

When your child reaches the age of 10 you will no longer be eligible for income support and will be ported over to Job Seekers Allowance, which is a much tougher benefit that requires regular testing  for eligibility. The idea seems great but the timing a little tricky seeing as unemployment is still rising.

She believes that part time work can help lift many single parents out of poverty by switching from benefits to part time work. This statement is clearly a sign that she has no grasp of the desperation faced by many single parents as they try to juggle the family and the money but as cruel as the idea may seem it will at least give hope of a return to family values in our country which have been sadly missing for some time.

The benefit culture has been there to accommodate a lifestyle of single independence for single parents, however there is still dependence on the the state and the tax payer in turn.

Many may think the Job Centre Plus offices across the land should have DJs and bars selling cheep lager. Because the same faces that lurk around seedy night clubs (usually called the Roxy) will be in the Job Centre wearing their jogging pants, Nike Trainers, IPhones and wispy facial hair trying to sell dodgy weed to their dodgy friends. At least then the money made would go back to the government.

Well that is the image most people have of Job Centres, and I am sure it is the case in some areas but there are the middle classed divorcees now entering the chain and they are as useless as their chavtastic counterparts. One shops in Debenhams the other in Boots yet they walk out with the same perfume and sometimes they pay for it.

The Yummy Mummy who's husband just ran off with the secretary may find there is no system for them to fall back on and they should have gone back to college to do that course in business studies just in case a day like this every arose. Maybe the weekly ritual of sex on a Sunday wasn't enough for Helen to stop Peter the aggressive go getter entrepreneur from breaking his marital vows.

Now Helen finds herself alone with her ticket waiting for her number to be called for her to shuffle  into a small cubicle like a lab rat to find out if she qualifies for Job seekers allowance.

Amongst the heroin addicts,  destitute and fellow middle class divorcees it dawns on her that she must work in the local McDonalds in vain hope that some rich business man will ask for her number and take her away from her unfortunate set of circumstances and look past the damage the sunbeds have done to her since she was 29.

And young Timmy must have his own key cut so he can let himself in from school whilst mummy is in work.

Yvette, there are fundamental problems with our society, but the family unit breakdown is one of the main problems and married couples should receive tax incentives and one parent should work and one stay at home.  Yes the single parent culture relying on the state must end but is this the route to take? Give the single parent an incentive to get married. If a working man or woman marries an unemployed father or mother with young children then he should pay very little tax and even get rewarded for it via tax credits.

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3 Responses to “Single parents benefits targeted by Yvette Cooper”

  1. DAVID R says:

    Problem with the benefits culture is that once someone is on benefits and have adjusted their lifestyle to suit (or have a job on the side!) there is little incentive to get off. All these 'family friendly' benefits encourage some sectors of society to make it their career. Remember Karen Matthews of Shannnon fame?

    Answer is no work, no benefits. If someone looses their job pay them benefits equal to say 75% of their salary (up to a maximum) for 3 months. Then they go onto jobseekers benefit which requires their attendance to do socially worthwhile work. (Anything from working in a charity shop to sweeping the streets.) As for single mothers etc etc benefits should NOT be increased if they have any more children whilst claiming. As a taxpayer I resent paying for other peoples procreation!
    If you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em!

    Yvette Cooper's idea unfortunately is two years too late. If someone couldn't be @rssed to get a job in the good times then its probably daft to expect them to get one now.

  2. Jeff Taylor says:

    What worries me is that by treating single parents as pariahs we end up marginalising the children. We need a more inclusive society built around the family helping their relatives and neighbours helping each other.

    That way we can begin to address the problems of feral kids and inherited poverty.

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