After years of being accused of dumping their father in a nursing home and callously selling his home and personal effects, Norman Wisdom's children fight back and put the record straight.

Norman Wisdom, who died last week after battling dementia, was one of the nation's most loved characters who earned  the title of celebrity (unlike 95% of today's celebrities) through his talent, passion and genuine loveliness which charmed not just the nation but the world.

It was in the 1950s that Wisdom won the hearts of the British people in his film career that saw Norman rise to fame by playing cheeky, boyishly handsome comedy roles with romantic twists.

But it was not all easy for Norman, he won custody of his two children, Jacqui and Nick, and the family was a close one with a strong bond of love.

So when the press published articles accusing Nick and Jacqui of dumping their father in a home and barring him from contact with his friends Norman's beloved children were understandably upset.

In the Mirror today Norman's children make their fight back at these accusations which still persist to this day.

They have both been accused of attempting to profit from the sale of his house and his possessions by a former employee of Noman's who herself was arrested on suspicion of stealing however there was no evidence to backup any criminal investigations.

Sylvia Evans has also allegedly claimed that Norman was put into a home against his wishes.

Both of Norman's children claim they have only ever acted with Norman's best interest at heart in the decisions they made over their father's care and his possessions.

I for one believe every word that Norman's children say on the matter.

Firstly when someone becomes incapacitated mentally and are at risk of harming themselves and any enduring power of attorney must be registered with the court  in order to protect the vulnerable adult and his or her assets are them protected by the court.

Norman's children would have been aware of this and it would have been explained to them in depth by their own and their father's solicitors at the time they became signatories for their father's estate.

Nick and Jacqui have said that the sale proceedings went to pay for Sir Norman's care and it is indeed true that many nursing homes in the country charge thousands of pounds per month and I am sure they did not put Norman in second class accommodation.

I cared for my grandmother who suffered with dementia many years ago and in the end she would wander off and was a risk to herself, she did not want to go into a home and it was not her wish to go.

It was one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make and I am about to face a similar dilemma with my mother.

People forget that no one wants to go into a care home and it is never an easy decision for the family to make so to be criticised for making a decision in Norman's best interests is never easy.

Had Norman fallen at home and died or harmed himself in some in a moment of confusion, Nick and Jacqui would have been accused of neglecting him.

Sometimes you cannot win so you make the best decision you can.

Norma's children have also said that he would forget who they were and would not recognise himself on the television if an old film of his came on so visits from old friends would be quite a traumatic experience for Norman.

This is the case with many sufferers of dementia who when presented with old friends sometimes react in fear as they try to process what is going on around them.

All in all they have had to deal with much grief and anguish even before his death.

Two beloved children are preparing for their father's funeral and to say goodbye I am sure the last thing he would have wanted is for his children to face such insensitive criticism after his death.

I know in the next life Norman will be looking down saying.

"Well done Jacqui, well done Nick, I know it was hard but you did your best and kept me safe and protected me when I couldn't take care of myself. Forget what the other plonkers have to say".

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