The government has announced today that it wants to make the UK a world leader in electric cars with its Go Ultra Low campaign.

Many people will welcome this initiative as it cuts down emissions where traffic flow is greatest as well as adding the benefit of greatly reduced noise to the overall environmental experience.

But to some people this reduction in the noise that vehicles produce will make the roads much more dangerous for them to use.

Visually impaired people rely on traffic noise to help alert them to the danger. Remember, it's still a lump of metal travelling at speed however kind it is to the environment. As the only way some visually impaired people may be able to detect vehicles is through sound then we may need to make these cars artificially noisier.

Head of Campaigns and Communications for Guide Dogs for the Blind, Louise Robertshaw, said:

Guide Dog (PD)"Quiet electric and hybrid cars are extremely dangerous for people with sight loss and other vulnerable road users like children and older people because they are 25% more likely to be involved in a collision with a pedestrian than a conventional car.

"Before the Government encourages people to buy quiet cars, they must take steps to make them safe for all road users. Manufacturers should be made to fit all of these cars with an audible sound generator immediately.

"How can we expect people with sight loss, who rely on sound to judge when it's safe to cross the road, to get around independently in our towns and cities if they don't feel safe?"

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