Two pieces of news caught the eye today because they did not get the full blown publicity they deserved on the basis that it was NOT a UKIP official or politician that was involved.

The first is a story in the Independent of a Lib Dem communities and local government minster, Stephen Williams, MP for Bristol West suggesting that immigration, in the form of teetotal muslims, was leading to pub closures. He is following on the heels of the Tory peer Lord Hodgson who basically said the same thing last month as reported in the Express. And here was me thinking the government wanted reduced alcohol consumption.

Then the prime Minister, David Cameron, is reported in the Daily Mail today as indicating that the UK would be better off with fewer migrants and that the British public would be more comfortable if the ‘numbers were brought under control’. I thought we’d been told that the UK economy and the NHS would collapse without them. The Tories and Lib Dems were also instrumental in widening the diversity of the UK so should not have been surprised at the odd unintended consequence that could have been avoided with properly controlled borders as well as spreading the newcomers around the country more so promoting integration etc.

UKIP RosetteBut why have these stories not sent the media into a feeding frenzy meltdown, as they would have done if one of Nigel Farage’s crew had even whispered them – in private?

Now let’s apply the ‘UKIP said that’ test and see what the outcome would be.

There would have been calls for floggings around the fleet (if we had one) and scaffolds at the Tower of London for hanging, drawing and quartering.

Don’t blame pub closures on immigrants.

Stop the Islamaphobia.

We need immigrants to kept NHS functioning.

Without immigration the UK economy would collapse next week.

Don’t say such racist things.

"What a nasty fascist party."

But it wasn't UKIP was it?

These are the types of phrases that are routinely trotted out (by the very parties that those above belong to) along with more ‘robust’ actions from certain associated quarters.

And today is Holocaust Memorial Day – so where are all the condemnations in the press of the Tories and Lib Dems from those that usually take brick bats to UKIP at the drop of a phrase?

You’d think that an election was looming and that immigration and pubs were high on an electorate’s agenda, which of course that are not as that would be bigoted and unhealthy wouldn’t it.

On another unrelated matter, what’s happened to the Amjad Bashir matter [1]? You’d have thought he would be plastered all over the media alongside a Cheshire Cat PM with the Tories constantly harping on about it. Not a peep since last week, barely hours after it occurred, not even from the press – I wonder why.

It also seems OK to bite heads off of UKIP babies these days.

[1] Even George Galloway appears to have an opinion on this:

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