It seems the BNP has abandoned the idea of being a political party and opted for what is more of a hate campaign than a social event. When the cake ran out and the political practitioners realised no one had responded to the invitations they gave up on debating and went straight for the jugular in their own electoral civil war. All after allegations that senior party member Mark Collett had threatened to end the life of current leader Nick Griffin!

The BNP’s publicity chief had made public his interest in starting a coup d’etat, although Collett saw a much different outcome for himself to that of Napoleon. Suffice to say Mark Collett has not risen to be the first consul of the BNP. One wonders how many BNP supporters are now seeking other boxes to cross at the up-coming election. If the BNP are resorting to threats of violence upon each other what chance would the public have if they were to succeed in diverting their post to number 10? We have also been made aware that two of the BNP’s generals have voluntarily abandoned their men mid-fight.

David Blunkett, an mp of the Labour Party, had been fully expecting to draw pistols with Collett in a duel to defend his Sheffield Brightside seat. Blunkett no longer needs to get up at dawn to fend off the competition as 29yr old Collett has been promptly thrown out of the party for his (alleged) actions.

The plot against nick griffin was discovered much by accident. There had been an investigation into the party’s finances, which was being carried out by the BNP’s own security team. During these investigations evidence was found to suggest that the leader of the party was not physically safe amongst fellow members. The alleged idea of a palace coup was taken very seriously by the police force, which then proceeded to take formal statements.

With only one seat within the House of Commons it seems there may be no point in playing musical chairs any time soon. Pass the parcel has also been banned from further BNP parties as there is no interest in revealing any other secrets. The party has seen much bad press relating to a recently removed clause much like that which Rosa Parks famously fought to get rid of. Until February the BNP only allowed Caucasian members, but it seems the pending elections drove them to remove the ‘whites only’ membership policy. The BNP have still seen negative reactions as many believe they still hold prejudice against ethnic minorities. In this day and age you would think that the mere idea of the phrase ‘whites only’ would be dismissed with no need for discussion.

Despite the leader telling the public that the BNP was not a “violent organization”, the party has had influence upon groups of extremists who will target individuals in acts of racism claiming to be part of the BNP. Violence is never the answer. Violence is the savior of those whose argument has failed!

So the failed (alleged) plan of the BNP’s head of publicity, which may or may not have involved the head of Nick Griffin on a spike, sees the tables turned and Mark Collett is now the one residing in traitor’s cloister. Unfortunately the publicity has come too late to be added to his record of achievement folder inside the filing cabinets of the BNP.

According to Humberside Police a man had been arrested and later bailed "on suspicion of making threats to kill".

"A 29-year-old man was arrested on Thursday 1 April on suspicion of making threats to kill. He was interviewed by Humberside Police detectives and has been released on police bail pending further inquiries. This investigation was initiated as a result of a complaint by a member of the British National Party and inquiries are ongoing."

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