The NSPCC has cared for and will continue to care for many a child for a long time to come. They tirelessly campaign for the rights of children and the prevention of child cruelty. Although in this day and age, we should know better than to mistreat our children or neglect them at all, we should definitely not have to witness tragic cases of children dying at the hands of those who are meant to be taking care of them! Our children are our responsibility but more than that, they are a source of love.

A mother feels instinctively drawn to her child through pregnancy as she is forming the cells, then the embryo and finally a full grown baby inside of her womb. That little soon to be toddling tot is sharing existence with its mother looking to her to nurture it and make sure it comes to no harm. Sadly once a child is born there are many children who become subjected to cruelty and harm. For some reason, do not ask me why, we hear of children being physically, emotionally even sexually abused. We must do all we can to stop this from happening.

Unfortunately it is only when we see cases of cruelty on our televisions or read them in our newspapers or on-line, that we take the time to stop and think about this. If we are not seeing things such as this happening upon our own doorstep then we do not realise that it is happening all around us. This is why we have children's social services. At times when living at home is detrimental, dangerous or too volatile a situation for a child to cope with… social services intervene. But social services still have very limited powers in this area; they cannot insist upon seeing a child without a parent or guardian present, although they do offer the option of an independent party to represent the child during an interview/meeting with social workers.

There is a big problem that is faced in trying to help children and that is, if we are not aware of the abuse then it is hard to find out where and when it is happening. Some children are brave enough to tell someone they trust but a lot of the time they are too scared of what will happen if they do. We need to do our best to protect them.

The NSPCC has started a campaign appealing to all Prospective Parliamentary Candidates to sign up before the election to secure the support for the cause. The Stand for Children campaign, is very easy to get involved in, the NSPCC even has a draft email available which you can send straight to your local MP.

NSPCC wants the three main political leaders Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg to voice their intentions to commit themselves to helping children in public. They want to make the internet safer; more funds for children's help lines such as Child Line who provide support for children by giving them someone to talk to when times are hard. I myself have used this helpline in the past and was very grateful for this at the time as I was in an awful situation; it really helped having someone there on the end of the phone. One of the good things about Child Line is it is a free phone number and will not show up on the phone bill. So if a child needs to use this they do not have to worry, so no one has to know they have rung. The number for child line is 0800 1111. The NSPCC also have a helpline that adults can ring if they are worried about the welfare of a child, the number is 0808 800 5000 or you can also email them @ It is vital that the NSPCC continues to receive funding to support these help lines so that they can offer the best possible service to children. We have made the draft letter available in our forums along with links to the NSPCC and local MPs and services such as ''.

The NSPCC needs our parliament to tackle things such as domestic violence from the view of the child. Believe me it is a frightening experience living with domestic violence even more so when you are a child. I would not wish this upon anyone. The NSPCC wants to make sure that professionals in childcare receive the right training so they know how to deal with this in the best way for both the child and the family. They need to carry on providing support for the whole family and they wish to extend the definition of domestic violence used in England. We must make sure no cuts are made to government funding for causes such as these in order to keep giving children the chance to be seen by their own professionals. We also need to prevent tragic cases such as those of Khyra Ishaq happening in the future by providing enough support professionals to stop this. We need to carry on providing counselling and other therapeutic services to help them maintain the best possible level of care during and after these awful problems faced by our children. The NSPCC have a site especially designed for children HERE. Where they can get help and also play games and get advice.The head of public affairs and campaigns at the NSPCC, Diane Sutton spoke of what our MPs and political leaders need to do;

The NSPCC are also campaigning to safeguard schools, I believe this is overwhelmingly important.

I had my very first contact with social services via my school counsellor. When a child is at school they don't need to worry about anyone over hearing them talking to someone and they are safe and away from those who are treating them incorrectly. NSPCC head of safeguarding in education service Jo Scherer-Thompson said;

I urge you all to pledge your support and get your local politicians to do the same! We need all the help we can possibly get when it comes to protecting our children. You can also donate here and volunteer here. Please help our children have the best lives they can possibly have by helping out the NSPCC. This is a very worthy cause and I hope that one day we can abolish child cruelty and for the first time, be able to call this world we live in a civilisation.

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