A senior NYPD officer in a white shirt has been caught on video appearing to beat back Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The video doing the rounds on You Tube does not place the beating in context of what happened before the incident and should therefore be taken on face value. However one can only look at previous videos of the NYDP's response to help hypothesise as to the context.

The job of the police is to do as they are told and to protect both the public and public property, however the debate here is to whether the public are being protected against the financial institutions which have caused so much misery.

Here is the officer in question allegedly acting against the American people.

But would officers of the NYPD be willingly ready to use violence against US citizens and actually look forward to using their batons?

Well the male officer in the video below seems to desire beating US citizens …… But I could be wrong *cough*!

Reports suggest there were between 15,000 and 28,000 protesters present on the march in Lower Manhattan, which passed relatively peacefully until that evening when the mood took a turn towards the sinister.

Pepper spraying and beating protesters then forcefully barricading them into jammed areas seemed to be the methods of choice for controlling the people of America.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has now swelled in numbers with some sources reporting tens of thousands of protesters showing their objection  to the Fed and the greed and corruption of the 1% over the 99%, which is endemic in the global financial system.

OWS protests are now backed by some of the biggest unions in America as well as student unions.

And the public imagination has been caught by the OWS movement, which it seems is proving difficult for the authorities to quell or contain without resorting to violence.

The earlier speculation and predictions in the new media to the Occupy Wall Street movement being an American version of the Arab Spring may yet hold water.

There is a growing sense that the police no longer serve and protect the American people and that  they serve the politicians who in turn serve, protect and sustain the financial fraudsters on Wall Street.

The proof of this will play out in the next few weeks as more and more people stand shoulder to shoulder with their fellow Americans on the streets of New York and in cities across the north America continent.

And, unlike the recent demonstrations in London, the OWS crowd have been peaceful and there has been no looting. That makes it harder for the authorities to deal with.

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