A Purdue University Alumni scientist and entrepreneur, in partnership with researchers from Skidmore College and the University of Pennsylvania, have 3 patents covering a family of anti-obesity compounds and are continuing preclinical trials In order to test the efficacy and safety of a drug that fights obesity.

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Purdue alumnus Milad Alucozai, COO of Symmetry Therapeutics Inc., is on the road to commercializing patented research completed by co-founders Jon Brestoff Parker and Thomas Reynolds. In Initial preclinical trials Mice lost 20% of their body weight and 50% of their Body fat within a couple of weeks.

In some cases lifestyle changes are not enough for Obese people. Sometimes a mixture of lifestyle changes and medical therapy are required in order to overcome pre-existing Biological factors that contribute towards obesity. The preclinical trials have so far been successful and the company is now moving on to a funding drive in order to quickly move towards clinical trials if the FDA approve the product. To date the company research has been solely self funded. The new funding efforts at igg.me/at/symmetry are described by the company as crucial to the future growth of their operation.

An expert at PMI Preclinical, a preclinical trials specialist, Explains that “the preclinical trial stage is the most arduous, where most drugs fail to get to the next stage. The initial trials of this drug have been very positive in their nature, suggesting that this could be a drug with a big future.” The fact that the company is looking to move forwards with funding suggests that they are very confident that they are on to a winner.

The lead compound of the company is SYM401, and research is looking at its potential effects on Type 2 diabetes. Obesity causes a range of health problems, including cancers, heart disease and diabetes.
Obesity is a big problem in the UK and US; in fact everywhere in the world. In America it is estimated that it costs $200 billion in Healthcare costs annually. Any drug that can successfully demonstrate results in this market has the potential to be very lucrative.

In a PR drive the company has also partnered with TV doc celebrity and well regarded blogger Dr. Paul Aciero, know affectionately in the media as Dr Paul. This partnership is sure to encourage new supporters and will help with the development of partnership funding by raising brand awareness.

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