The apparent media blackout of the Occupy London Stock Exchange (Occupy LSX) demonstrations points towards media corporation investments.

Social media and new Media is alight with anger towards the mainstream media who are voicing objection to what they perceive as siding against the protesters taking over the financial districts all over the world and in particular the Occupy London LSX protests.

Today, the 15th of October, is the global action day for the Occupy movement, which is standing in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests but the mainstream media is conspicuous in its absence in covering what could be the most important demonstrations of this age.

So what can conclusions can you reach from this so called media blackout?

Well, either there are no demonstrations spreading across the world (which is clearly not the case) or the demonstrations are intentionally receiving minimum coverage.

But why would the media choose to ignore the global revolution springing up all over the world?

Well, the answer to that question is simple, it is not in the financial  interests of mainstream media corporations to prioritise #Occupy demonstrations because the investments of said corporations are tied into the financial instruments within the financial system which the Occupy movement has the potential to bring down.

Owners and shareholders in media outlets would face a haircut akin to a GI Joe in basic training.

The Occupy movement is growing in numbers and spreading across the planet at such an incredible rate because social networking and New Media are more in touch with the people through default of interests and this is not going unnoticed amongst the  general public which could ruin future credibility of the mainstream press if they are seen as censoring or rather under-prioritising the most important event of recent times.


The mainstream media coverage is now seeping in after coverage from new media sources, social networking, RT and Press TV puts their coverage to shame turning viewers towards the foreign news channels and alternative media coverage which have dominated the Occupy Wall Street coverage thus far.

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