Occupy Melbourne protesters will not be allowed to set up camp again to legitimately protest in solidarity with other Occupy protesters across the globe.

Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said "We'll certainly task our compliance officers to make sure that we know when they try to set up anywhere. We'll issue them notice immediately that they can't do it and have the tents taken down,"

"We don't intend to allow people to set up tents anywhere in the city. We have adopted a zero-tolerance policy."

The real fear for the Melbourne Police is that the protesters will interfere with the state visit from the Queen of England to officially open the new Royal Children's Hospital this Wednesday.

The real embarrassment  for the Melbourne Police will be the footage all over the internet of Police responding very harshly with disproportionate levels of force against the Occupy Melbourne protesters.

So bad was the Melbourne Police's response to the protests that the Victorian state's Ombudsman has been contacted by the Occupy Melbourne to report the acts of Police violence against the peaceful crowd.

Occupy Melbourne spokesperson Emma Kerin said "We've got at least 43 documented incidents of police violence against peaceful demonstrators,"

"Some of the examples will include eye gouging, punches to the face and to the back of the head, the deployment of pepper spray and as has already been mentioned, this includes children as well which is obviously a very big concern,"

In defence of the Melbourne Police one retired officer present at the demonstrations argue that the police are simply acting under orders and by that they are doing their job in upholding the law. "They did what they are paid to do just like any other public servant, don't blame the police, blame the politicians"

But he then went on to question who is pulling the police chief's strings, "It is becoming more and more apparent that the police are being forced into being selective in the laws they enforce"

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