An Occupy Oceanside protester and aide to Oceanside City Councilwoman Esther Sanchez has been fired after controversial claims were levied against him.

25 year old Kyle Krahel-Frolander, who worked as Aide to Democrat Deputy Mayor Esther Sanchez, is one of a few protesters that allegedly set up the Occupy Oceanside Facebook page and event and received his marching orders following the protest.

According to a report published in North County Times, Krahel-Frolander has denied allegations that his involvement in the demonstrations was in anyway linked to his firing and stated that his participation in the event was in his own free time. Krahel-Frolander said:

"I can say that honestly, it truthfully, 100 percent, had nothing to do with Occupy Oceanside,"

This was backed up by admission from Esther Sanchez herself in her statement:

"Our differences, if you want to call them differences, had to do with everyday working on tedious things like answering the phone and calendaring"

"Everyone who knows me, and maybe people who don't, know how strong I feel about the First Amendment, freedom of speech,"

However in a You Tube video report by Mark Dice, Kyle Krahel-Frolander is interviewed about his role in the Occupy Oceanside to which Kyle denied being an organiser and saying "I'm not [an organiser}, I'm just one of the people, participants".

Dice also points out in the video that Krahel-Frolander set up the Facebook event page and promoted the protest event as well as posting on a Meetup page.

A member of Occupy Oceanside told The Economic Voice:

"It is possible someone else set up the Facebook page using Kyle's name"

However this does seem rather an unlikely explanation seeing as the Facebook author does seem to be Kyle Krahel-Frolander and questions over the timing of Kyle's sacking are also quite pertinent.

Was Kyle Krahel-Frolander fired because he misused his taxpayer's time with an estimated annual salary of $51,376 or was Kyle acting on direct orders from Esther Sanchez and fired to try and end any trail back to Sanchez?

Mark Dice in his video of the Occupy Oceanside protest attempts to voice his legitimate protest against the Federal Reserve and his support for Ron Paul, however he is shouted down by Krahel-Frolander who tells him his is trying to take over the protest.

There is also the repetitive chanting of "we are the 99%" by the crowd over Dice's shouts and that does to a certain extent confirm the fears of many who have concerns over the Occupy lack of cohesive message and the possibility that these demonstrations are actually being influenced by the left and right wings of politics to further their political agenda's.

It does smack of hypocrisy when Democrats come out in support of the demonstrations whilst a Democratic U.S. President is happy to watch Iraq War veterans being hit in the head by a tear gas canister as they legitimately protest.

When will America be free of the corrupt left and right intrusions into democracy? And when will America be free to protest without the aforementioned political polarities trying to sway the outcome and agendas of protests by hijacking public freedom of speech?

The danger is more than obvious….if the 99% think they are free and free thinking when they may be playing into the hands of a corrupt establishment then they will have blown their chance for change and a noble cause may be in the process of assimilation  into the very system they are trying to bring down.

Now Occupying the Fed would be a different scenario entirely.

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