A recent YouTube video shows how peaceful protest is now treated in the West.

After the ‘Arab Spring’, where citizens of Middle East countries were strongly encouraged by countries like the USA to put their lives on the line in the name of the West’s access to oil freedom, the US authorities seem to take a different view of any form of protest on their own streets.

The police in the RT video from the University of California below were not at risk, nor were the lives or property at direct risk from the protesters. But still the policeman felt able to just wander up and down a line of sitting protesters spraying a seemingly noxious substance into their faces.

If this was a video from somewhere like Syria there would be international condemnation. Obama and Cameron amongst others would be stood side by side looking sternly into the camera decrying the obscene abuse of power and probably calling it torture.

This is surely an abuse of the ‘human rights’ we see so selectively applied around the world.

What makes this worse is that the police and politicians in the US are extremely aware of the power of computer based social networking, camcorders and YouTube. Do they feel so secure in their positions that they are comfortable engaging in any activity that they see fit?

These protesters are not everyone’s cup of tea, but surely these actions were totally over the top when used against very passive and peaceful protesters.

A sad day indeed for true democracy. The US authorities need to take a very long hard look in the mirror before engaging in any further action against so-called tyrannies elsewhere in the world.

But somehow I get the feeling that it will be business as usual. After all, those with the biggest sticks always seem to get their way in this ever more twisted world.

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