Just a cursory search of the internet reveals a blossoming number of web-sites and Facebook pages dedicated in one way or another to the ‘Occupy Wall Street’ theme.

The following that this movement is gathering after the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) action started just four weeks ago is becoming a phenomenon in its own right. Especially when you consider that the press is generally at a loss on how to report on it.

‘Occupy’ movements are now springing up not just in the USA but in countries like Britain, Canada and Australia. And it also covers occupying organisations like The Hague and the US Federal Reserve Bank.

The OWS message has been seen in the past as confused and disparate with a temptation to portray those taking part as disorganised whiners.

But that is now distilling down into the clear message that the 99% will no longer tolerate the greed and corruption of the 1%.

But as the protesters attempt to exercise their rights they come into conflict with law enforcement agencies, such as in Boston where over 50 of the Occupy Boston movement were arrested for trespass earlier today for failing to remove themselves from the Rose Kennedy Greenway. The reason given was that a local conservancy group had planted $150,000 worth of shrubs there and there were concerns about potential damage to them. This follows the 30 or so arrested for not leaving the Iowa state Capitol grounds in Des Moines on Sunday.

The peaceful nature of the protesters is illustrated by the politeness of the Occupy Indianapolis group who asked the police nicely [1] if they could sit on the Liberty Lawn before taking up station.

So, while the rich and powerful aided by their politicians work tirelessly to keep the whole global economic facade from collapsing and taking them with it, the OWS protesters and their ilk quietly protest for wholesale changes to that very discredited system. But with what?

[1] http://pharostribune.com/local/x1402473128/Occupy-Wall-Street-sympathizers-take-over-Statehouse-lawn

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