Demonstrators have begun congregating in Bowling Green Park in order to carry out their aim of occupying Wall Street with 20,000 people, tents, kitchens and peaceful barricades.

Following the Twitter feed it appears that there are somewhere between 500 to ‘thousands’ of people in the vicinity and that the police are prepared.

The Livestream feed is being monitored by just over 4,500 people and shows some peaceful but committed people there to send a message to their government.

According to accounts of those on the scene the police have erected barricades of their own, occupied Wall Street and are not allowing people into Wall Street or near the financial district without ID. They are also taking photographs and have, according to one twitter contributor, ordered vans for prisoners. Rumours are abounding within the ranks of the protesters that the police are ready for riots.

One tweeter told how he got a free cab ride after telling the driver he was there for the demonstrations. Other Twitterers say that their tweets are not getting through and that the demonstration is not trending properly on Twitter (#takewallstreet and #OccupyWallStreet).

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