Former X Factor contestant Olly Murs awaits Cheryl Cole's reply after he apparently her asked out via Twitter.

Cheeky chap Olly asked for her phone number via his social network page and that by all accounts in the media constitutes asking Ashley Cole's former wife out for a date but some people with more time on their hands than sense have speculated that it is simply Olly trying to get in touch with his old friend.

Olly Twittered "Haha sod it @CherylCole I'll ask for your number then #cantblameaguyfortrying #worthashot lol haha x"

The public nature of Olly asking Cheryl out has left Cheryl keeping him guessing thus far with an as yet absent reply.

For weeks Olly has been prompted by Twitter fans to ask the Geordie Autotune Queen out for a date and it looks like he has given in albeit to gain more media coverage for his less than average musical offerings and Cheryl, who is unfortunately about to inflict her voice on the public once more, is probably going to play along.

After all, in the world of celebrity there (almost) is no such thing as bad publicity as the lives of the unimportant are thrust upon the public by the media who are more than willing to lap up the bread and circuses thrown at them.

To place this in true context, Greece is in turmoil, a war with Iran is brewing, which threatens western civilisation as we know it and our politicians are working against the people at the behest of large financial institutions in order to keep them in the lives that they are accustomed to as well as shutting down Remploy factories.

Yet Olly apparently asking Chezza out is the prime focus of the tabloid press.

Oh well that's 21st century Britain for you…..lap it up thickies.

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