The ASA/CAP have today published a half-year report on regulating Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA). The report highlights complaint issues, the number of businesses sticking to the rules, and their plans to further increase awareness of the rules with companies that are engaging in OBA.

Online Behavioural Advertising is a form of targeted advertising which involves the collection of information from a computer’s web browser in order to deliver online ads that are more likely to be of interest to the user. ASA/CAP took up responsibility for new rules in February 2013 that provide the public with notice of, and control over the OBA ads they’re served.

As part of their work in this area they monitored the websites of over 350 companies and organisations (third parties) delivering these ads to find out how the rules are working, and whether these companies require any further advice and guidance on how to get it right.

Many of the companies they monitored were including links to information about OBA and how to opt-out, but the appearance and placement of the initial notices were inadequate. As a result they have started contacting the third parties they consider likely to be in breach of the rules to draw their attention to the rules, to explain why their websites are likely to be problematic and signpost where they can get help and guidance.

iPad and Logitech KeyboardLooking ahead, ASA/CAP plan to continue monitoring this area: offering consumers helpful guidance and support, as well as a place where they can complain about OBA they think breaks the rules; to support and educate UK businesses involved in OBA about how best they can comply with the rules; and to help our self-regulatory partners in other countries in their regulation of OBA.

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