In the past two decades the world of business has been transformed by digital technologies that allow a much more flexible and incisive relationship with consumers.

By using retail websites, social media, and apps, the modern business has gained a whole new range of marketing tools for aiding the consumer browse and purchase their products.

However, such developments are so much more than simply having a company website. So here are some of the ways in which the digital revolution has aided the online business.

Many newspaper headlines have recently pointed to the demise of high street retailers as signifying an increased customer usage of online shops. This can be seen as a result of online retailers being able to take advantage of lower overheads to slash prices and offer a wider range of goods.

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This has allowed various companies to cater their products towards niche markets and reach much wider audiences that are not tied to a particular geographical location. For example, the Australian homeware company The Dharma Door is able to sell its products to the world via its easy-to-use website that features its bespoke items, and even features a separate email address for overseas enquiries.

Whereas the bed retailer Bedstar is able to cut its prices by selling their products directly from the manufacturers and therefore cutting the middleman fee. Furthermore, the company's website is able to provide a great deal of detailed product information, as well as a handy blog section for consumers to discover extra features regarding the products.

The ease with which information can be disseminated through the internet has also benefited the online business in terms of allowing a much greater customer service experience. The paint distributors Unfolded take advantage of this by providing a large amount of contact details for various departments, as well as handy social media links to allow consumers to engage with their products with ease.

The social media experience is now a huge part of any online business. It's easy to think of social media as just a form of free advertising, but it allows a much greater customer experience and can do much to increase brand loyalty. For the luxury bag company Wood and Faulks, it is able to take advantage of special visual forms of social media such as Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram to present their products as desirable lifestyle items in a way that is not only cheap, but also free of any heavy-handed advertising connotations that presents their brand as stylish, fun and subtly enticing.

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