Since the beginning of time, we have had two basic choices for having our meals: to eat in or to eat out. Eating out is pretty straightforward. You get dressed up – or not – jump in your car, on the bus or walk down the street, and find your favorite eating establishment. You enjoy your meal, pay for your food, leave a decent tip, and go home.

Eating in, however, is not so simple, thanks to the hectic pace of modern life. Many busy families today rely on take out – and much more often than you think. Take out is growing up, too. There was a time when all you had to do was to look up a restaurant in your local phone book, and then pick up the telephone to make your order.

Those days are gone and that phone book no longer holds a special place on your telephone table. In fact, most of us don’t have a telephone table or even a house phone anymore, thanks to cell phones. Ordering food has now reached a totally new level due to technology, which enables us to order our food via the net. If you haven’t done so yet, chances are you will – and soon.

Let's take a look at the statistics in the infographic below from Gourmet Labs [1] and facts surrounding online food ordering. But, they are much more than just numbers – they offer an intimate view of the fascinating behavior of people who order their meals online.

Ordering takeout is undergoing a quiet revolution, right before our eyes. If you’ve never thought about ordering a meal on the web, perhaps this article will encourage you to give it a go. And if your restaurant is considering an online menu, the information here may be all the impetus you need to get started. Online food ordering is here to stay, so embrace it – better yet, just devour it.

Gourmetlabs infographic


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