Paul Nuttall MEP the UKIP Deputy Leader has written to Len McCluskey, General Secretary of Unite the Union, calling on him to treat his members with fairness and decency and open the union's political fund out beyond the confines of the Labour party.

The letter:

Mr Len McCluskey
General Secretary
Unite the Union
Unite House
128 Theobald's Road
United Kingdom

25th July 2013

Dear Mr McCluskey

I read with interest the recent poll of Unite's members by Lord Ashcroft, who found that 12% of your membership would individually choose to join the Labour Party (if contributions to the political fund were no longer attributed automatically).

In the same survey we noticed that 12% also happens to be the percentage of Unite members who would vote UKIP.

Given that there is such significant support for UKIP within the union we expect that (in the interests of transparency, equality and the democratic process in general) Unite will be adding UKIP to the list of political parties that your members are invited to donate to via the political fund.

In the spirit of comradeship we write to confirm our consent for you to add UKIP to the list of mainstream parties to which Unite members can direct their political donations via the political fund.

We look forward to such parity, and to the deepening friendship between UKIP and the labour movement that it will foster. In contrast to the Labour Party, UKIP is already

"a party that offers real hope, that stands up for the poor and vulnerable, that puts growth at the heart of its agenda, that confronts privilege… [and will give the electorate] a real and vivid choice as to the future of our country, not one that leaves the electorate indifferent."

Unfortunately, unless you knowingly become a full member of UKIP in your own right, we can't offer you any influence over our choice of candidates but at least you'll know that UKIP will actually protect the wages and livelihoods of the working class of the United Kingdom, rather than swamping the labour market with immigrants prepared to work for less than the minimum wage.

Yours sincerely





Paul Nuttall MEP
UKIP Deputy Leader

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