A quick video giving us a look behind the scenes of the palmer//harding London Fashion Week AW 2014.

Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding, or as they put it ‘Levi palmer//Matthew harding’, tell us how they see their fashion business expanding into the future.

They still see white cotton shirts as the central plank to the brand but want to produce other garments too. Part of this is splitting out the male and female garment offerings. ‘palmer//harding is a men's and women's designer label, created by Levi Palmer and Matthew Harding, focused on bringing directional design to a traditionally neglected garment in a wardrobe, the shirt’ says their website.

Sponsorship is vitally important to them, just as it is to other designers said Levi, which has allowed them to work with brands like Cotton USA, allowing them to plan ahead so that their growth is ‘organic’ and ‘natural’.

Judging by the reaction of those attending their offerings at the paper themed event are highly regarded and show what can be achieved by taking a humble item such as the male shirt and developing it and taking it in new directions to much acclaim. But all the while having a healthy regard to branding – even down to the non-capitalisation of their surnames at all times. Simple messages that all businesses should take heed of when deciding on their future.

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