Passenger Rights Hang in the Balance as Judgment is Reserved at the Court of Appeal

A landmark appeal case affecting millions of air passengers and their rights to claim compensation for long delays was heard today at the Court of Appeal in front of a panel of three appeal judges, their Lordships Laws and Elias and her Ladyship Gloster.

The case of Mr Huzar v focuses on whether technical defects are classed as extraordinary circumstances – currently an airline’s only defence to paying out compensation under European Regulations on passenger rights.

Following lengthy submissions from Mr Lawson QC representing, Mr Shah QC put forward the arguments on behalf of Mr Huzar, an airline passenger delayed 27 hours on a flight to Manchester in 2011.

The Judges rose to consider their options before reserving judgment, with a verdict now expected in the coming weeks.

Airliner wing (PD)If Mr Huzar, represented by specialist flight compensation law firm Bott & Co, is successful it opens the floodgates for millions of air passengers to claim up to €600 for flights delayed due to technical defects over the last 6 years.

Coby Benson, Technical Legal Manager for Bott & Co commented following the hearing: “We are hoping that the Judgment in this case follows European interpretations in favour of Mr Huzar.  It’s bizarre that UK passengers are not given the same level of protection as their European counterparts and that we’ve had to bring a case all the way to the Court of Appeal to clarify the situation for UK passengers.”

Mr Huzar said: “I’ve had loads of messages of support from friends and family, it’s great to know I’m not alone in what you could call my ‘crusade’ against the airlines.  I was really impressed by the Court and the grandeur and to listen to such high level debate in such a venerable building was just fantastic.”

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