Evidence has come to light which suggests one of the much hyped Osama Bin Laden home videos could actually be fake.

The ears are very different

The ear tragus is different

The ears, nose and cheekbones are clearly different to bona fide images of Bin Laden

Facial hair growth patterns and cheekbones are clearly different to bona fide images of Bin Laden

The press are tripping over themselves to point out the narcissistic characteristics of Osama Bin Laden because of a video released by the Pentagon which supposedly shows Osama fixated by images of himself on television.

The video at no time shows a full frontal image of Bin Laden's face, however the side profile of the gentleman sitting down watching footage of Bin Laden does bare a strong resemblance to the scape goat mastermind of the 9/11 atrocities.

However, under closer examination the gentleman with a grey beard may NOT actually be Osama Bin Laden.

The cheekbones appear more pronounced, facial hair growth pattern is broader and extends further across the cheek, the end of the nose seems to be a different shape and the ears (particularly the tragus) have noticeable differences when compared to a bona fide image of Bin laden taken from an interview with ABC (on the right of above image) compared to the Pentagon released Bin Laden home video.

There is the chance of course though that Bin Laden had facial reconstructive surgery, however such surgery would seem highly unlikely seeing as the Pentagon has not even hinted at such a thing. Or has age just altered his features?

If Bin Laden did have facial reconstructive surgery the surgeon behind the operation/operations would probably be the most sought after facial reconstructive surgeon in the world seeing as there seems to be no visible sign of alteration.

So what conclusions can be drawn from differentiating between  bona fide footage of Bin Laden and the Pentagon released video of a man with a grey beard watching Bin Laden on a small portable television with no facial frontal shot? Oh! Just a quick additional point, the man in the video uses the TV remote control in his right hand and only gesticulates with his left. And. you've guessed it, OBL was (according to the FBI) left handed.

But this left-handedness has been disputed, as has his ability to actually move his left arm due to a stroke, as in this piece by Professor David Ray Griffin.

If the release of this video showing a man who looks a bit like Osama Bin Laden fails identification under closer examination through an oversight by the Pentagon,  then the world really is in trouble with an idiocracy at the helm of U.S. national security.

The other option is much more insidious.

If this video released by the Pentagon is a fake and released with full knowledge if it being so, then maybe this is the smoking gun conspiracy theorists have been looking for in their search to provide proof of that the U.S. government has lied to the world.

This news could be used to backup previous claims that there is skulduggery behind the whole 'Bin Laden is dead' story offered by the U.S. administration which has to date provided NO proof of death other than DNA evidence (U.S. may have had prior access to this from treatment received by Bin Laden in a U.S. military hospital) which is by many regarded as neither here nor there.

Questions also have been raised over why would the world's most wanted man not be taken alive for questioning when he was privy to the world's most sensitive intelligence? are we supposed to believe that such a mission could not have been accomplished? Where were the stun grenades?

To suggest that Bin Laden could NOT have been taken alive could be construed  as a serious insult to the skills of the American special forces.

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