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Pentagon released Bin Laden home video could be a fake

Pentagon released Bin Laden home video could be a fake
May 8th, 2011
Author: Richard Henley Davis

Evidence has come to light which suggests one of the much hyped Osama Bin Laden home videos could actually be fake.

The ears are very different

The ear tragus is different

The ears, nose and cheekbones are clearly different to bona fide images of Bin Laden

Facial hair growth patterns and cheekbones are clearly different to bona fide images of Bin Laden

The press are tripping over themselves to point out the narcissistic characteristics of Osama Bin Laden because of a video released by the Pentagon which supposedly shows Osama fixated by images of himself on television.

The video at no time shows a full frontal image of Bin Laden's face, however the side profile of the gentleman sitting down watching footage of Bin Laden does bare a strong resemblance to the scape goat mastermind of the 9/11 atrocities.

However, under closer examination the gentleman with a grey beard may NOT actually be Osama Bin Laden.

The cheekbones appear more pronounced, facial hair growth pattern is broader and extends further across the cheek, the end of the nose seems to be a different shape and the ears (particularly the tragus) have noticeable differences when compared to a bona fide image of Bin laden taken from an interview with ABC (on the right of above image) compared to the Pentagon released Bin Laden home video.

There is the chance of course though that Bin Laden had facial reconstructive surgery, however such surgery would seem highly unlikely seeing as the Pentagon has not even hinted at such a thing. Or has age just altered his features?

If Bin Laden did have facial reconstructive surgery the surgeon behind the operation/operations would probably be the most sought after facial reconstructive surgeon in the world seeing as there seems to be no visible sign of alteration.

So what conclusions can be drawn from differentiating between  bona fide footage of Bin Laden and the Pentagon released video of a man with a grey beard watching Bin Laden on a small portable television with no facial frontal shot? Oh! Just a quick additional point, the man in the video uses the TV remote control in his right hand and only gesticulates with his left. And. you've guessed it, OBL was (according to the FBI) left handed.

But this left-handedness has been disputed, as has his ability to actually move his left arm due to a stroke, as in this piece by Professor David Ray Griffin.

If the release of this video showing a man who looks a bit like Osama Bin Laden fails identification under closer examination through an oversight by the Pentagon,  then the world really is in trouble with an idiocracy at the helm of U.S. national security.

The other option is much more insidious.

If this video released by the Pentagon is a fake and released with full knowledge if it being so, then maybe this is the smoking gun conspiracy theorists have been looking for in their search to provide proof of that the U.S. government has lied to the world.

This news could be used to backup previous claims that there is skulduggery behind the whole 'Bin Laden is dead' story offered by the U.S. administration which has to date provided NO proof of death other than DNA evidence (U.S. may have had prior access to this from treatment received by Bin Laden in a U.S. military hospital) which is by many regarded as neither here nor there.

Questions also have been raised over why would the world's most wanted man not be taken alive for questioning when he was privy to the world's most sensitive intelligence? are we supposed to believe that such a mission could not have been accomplished? Where were the stun grenades?

To suggest that Bin Laden could NOT have been taken alive could be construed  as a serious insult to the skills of the American special forces.

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25 Responses to “Pentagon released Bin Laden home video could be a fake”

  1. John Adams says:

    The U.S. government and military are lying through their teeth. Thewy are thieves, murdererers, international bandits, torturers, thugs, and criminals.

    They all deserve to be executed.

  2. John Adams says:

    Barack Obama is a bald face liar.

  3. XB2500 says:

    Well the photo with him and the AK47 certainly showed he shot left handed. Another interesting point is the power outlets. Hard to tell without the full video, but they appear to be A or B-type instead of the C or D types used in Pakistan.

  4. Root Striker says:

    Ah But XB500, according to one of the links in the article above, Osama Bin Laden sustained an injury to his right eye when a young man. So, in order not to be viewed as 'damaged' he took to pretending to be left handed, which the FBI swallowed (according to the report).

  5. james says:

    If I was in a Navy Seal's shoes I would have shot the SOB too! I wouldn't take a chance trying to capture alive a man who has condoned if not planned suicide attacks that might possible blow himself or have a gun hidden. I would have shot the SOB on the spot. Anybody in the position would! So that point is BS. And as far as the side profile. There is not enough evidence one way or another. That it is fake or real. Could be real. Could be fake.

  6. james says:

    If they can identify Bin Laden's children and wives in Pakistan, that they were in that compound, with U.S. choppers blown up there, with eyewitness documentation of choppers being present there. With Bin Laden's own child saying she saw her father Bin Laden killed, with DNA proof, which they could prove through his other known children, his sister who got treatment in America, or The Bin Laden billion dollar construction relatives, with the Taliban and, jihad websites acknowledging Bin Laden's death. If you can identify the Rueters photos of the 3 dead bodies that Reuters says are unaltered through pixel examination, and connect them to Bin Laden, Al Queda, or possible one of Bin Laden's sons. You can build a circumstantial case that Bin Laden was in fact kiiled. But I must admit the U.S. sure as hell has bungled it after his death.

  7. james says:

    If that was Bin Laden's children, and their father died years ago or is still alive, why would they lie to help the American's by saying yes I saw them murder my father? (according to the Pakistanis who have interrogated her) And if he is still alive America would not risk the embarrassment of new videos showing it is all fake and his jihad network is alive and well.

  8. XB2500 says:

    Root Stricker – Makes sense, I just notice he held a mic with his right and also wears on watch on the right.

    “Bungled” is likely the best description. It seems they wanted to paint one picture and ended up getting another. It’s starting to remind me of an international version of the OJ case  The most comical part was the staged Situation Room photo…They brought in laptops, while having the Secretary of State Clinton with the classified documents, General Webb texting commands, and President Obama is left with a bag. They must have used a Republican photographer for that one!

    Seriously, the SEALs would have taken him anyway they were ordered. I believe he is likely dead and things just got complicated concealing the type of mission. I do doubt that OBL is entirely out to sea, instead like Hitler his parts will likely show up in archive years later. As for the other body taken from the compound? Well it wouldn’t surprise me if he shows up after a good scrubbing, after he helps decipher his dad’s computer.

  9. Jean says:

    The smoking gun IS and ALWAYS WILL BE WTC Building 7.
    The third tower even though there is so much more evidence available.

  10. John Doe says:

    It would have been simple for Obama Admin. to show the live footage what had happened that night would have solved all the doubts! But it seems without that proof Obama is lying to our nation 🙁 ! Its the same thing Bush went to war in Iraq without UN mandate WMD never found in Iraq and some many of US soldiers died and innocent civilians are dying today also.

  11. $hadow says:

    Just wanted to give a heads up on this matter.

    1. I have not had time yet to read the story behind that tape (if they say who is in it or not)

    2. If they say that the man in the video is Bin Laden then they are lying. The faces might not match at all and they can blame that with the "10 years of aging" excuse, but the fact remains; @ 00:18 mark of that video, you clearly see him wearing a wrist (or something similar) in his LEFT hand.

    By now, we all know that every public appearance he made while wearing something in his wrist, that wrist was always his RIGHT wrist.

    This entire story is a complete scheme since 9/11, I am sorry if this offends anyone but everything is one giant amateur hoax act in order to provide the reason to obtain more power/control over economics or anything that is related to it. One is definetly the war/army flow of money.

    Appreciated the post Richard, keep it up.

  12. John Davis says:

    Even the BBC thinks this is fake.

    They interviewed people living in Abbottabad and more than 50 said that wasn't him.

  13. Thank you John Davis for that Link…….cannot believe I missed that one.

  14. Han says:

    Well, it's hard to get a diffinitive match based on the view of the video, but I don't see any clear evidence that it is not Osama either. The comparison shots above look very similar…after taking into account the angle of the head and the lifted brows on the video footage. The nose looks the same to me from this angle.

  15. john swaine says:

    What i dont understand is Obama seems to have videos of the whole raid but he cant release even one fame showing Osamas full face even before he was shot in it but there are pictures of other dead men, there are videos showing people jumping out the twin towers and our people being beheaded while alive it just doesnt make any sence what so ever. If i was the man face to face with Osama i would be walking out with his head on the end of my m16

  16. $hadow says:

    Only now i noticed my spelling mistake, what I meant to say was that in that video he is using a wirst-watch in his LEFT wrist, while he always used it in his RIGHT wrist.

    Some might not take that serious but I use a watch since I was a little kid and I have never switched to the other wrist, that is why i really doubt that he decided to start using his on a different wrist.

  17. Jacki says:

    I found the BBC link interesting – thank you for that. If one of the 50 people interviewed thought the man in the video was a neighbour (and he was named) and lived in the compound – could this have been the man who was shot dead by the Americans? I am convinced Bin Laden was not killed last week and if that is correct who was the poor man who was chucked in the sea? Any views on what might happen to Bin Laden's wife et al in the long term? I doubt they are saying what they have been reported as saying.

  18. what says:

    The government said they found the videos in the raid. They just may have been mistaken when they said that specific video was bin laden. So even if it isn't him that doesn't mean the whole thing was a conspiracy.

  19. Talentz to Souf Beach says:

    The BBC link was really informative. But the most obvious point hasn´t been made:

    Why would the world´s most notorious terrorist mastermind be making home videos of himself watching himself on TV? It sounds completely out of character and makes no sense.

    How many home videos do you all have of yourselves watching yourselves on TV? OBL was definitely not known as vain or interested in his own TV coverage. And if he really were to make a video of himself, why would he not have himself filmed from a better angle.

    Only Americans can be so naieve as to believe whatever their government tells them without asking for any proof. Did we not learn anything from the WMD story of 2003-2004?

    Soylent Green is made of sheeple…

  20. Administrator says:

    Isn't it strange that we in the UK can believe that, whatever they say to the contrary, the Tories are lying and are out to destroy the NHS and the working class? But they then lap up anything on the plate when it comes to terrorism?

  21. shady says:

    watch the home video very carefully, you see "Osama" sitting on the floor watching himself on TV, the Osama on TV watched by "Osama" in the home video wears his watch on his right hand @ 10 seconds
    … but "Osama" sitting on the floor watching himself has something resembling a watch around his left wrist @ 17 seconds …this AP clip, though longer than the bbc snippet funnily does not include scenes in the BBC clip.
    Now i dont know about u but i have always worn my watch on one wrist! hmm Osama clearly doesnt.

  22. Imy786 says:

    This is clearly fake for the following reasons.

    The old man is watching a different program, it can be seen on his TV before and after the real Osama clip is edited in . The real video part of Osama is just edited in. If you look at the two clips, the quality of the video is different and so is the TV and background. Also If you are making a home movie you wouldn't cut to shots in that manner. And why did the US Government remove the sound? Its obvious.

  23. Nick says:

    The whole thing is one massive lie. The american goverment are a disgrace. No evidence was ever given that bin laden was behind 9/11 apart from faked CIA tapes. Bin laden denied it 4 times .. Bin laden died in 2001 and the usa have given no solid EVIDENCE to make me think he didnt.

  24. John Davis says:

    Quite so, Nick.

    Even if OBL had been behind the planes hitting the towers, he didn't plant the bombs that brought the THREE buildings (Twin Towers and Building No 7) down so "curiously" in their own footprint.

    There was a huge rush to destroy all the evidence of this caper too. The debris was rushed away and melted down before anyone could get a good look at it.

    Likewise the "Boeing 757" that conveniently smashed into the part of the Pentagon that was being renovated.

    And now the latest, the invasion of Pakistan by a gang of US military thugs and assassination of some guy who looks vaguely like Bin Laden except that you never see him from the front.

    No extradition for trial.

    No justice procedures.

    Obama pronounced him guilty. Obama doesn't need justice procedures or trials.

    I wonder why Americans are not rioting in the streets.

    Perhaps they are.

    The US media probably wouldn't let you know anyway.