Pete Waterman is rather peeved off at the criticism being levied towards the song he has written for the British entry in the Eurovision Song Contest. 'That Sounds Good To Me'  will be sung by British Josh Dubovie but has been branded the worst entry ever by bookies.

Peter old fellow Pop Idol Judge Dr Neil Fox described Pete Waterman's (Of Stock Aitken Waterman)  end result as "an average song and an average singer".

Mr Waterman did not take kindly to this summary of the song/singer and has decided not to write next years song for the pan European contest claiming that he has been stabbed in the back and questioned Dr Neil's authenticity as a Doctor and ability to write a hit song in a tirade aimed at Dr Fox.

I have listened to the song and I think that Dr Fox's comments are wrong.

The song is not an average song with an average singer. It is an awful song with an average singer.

I feel sorry for Josh Dubovie because he seems like a nice chap but he has to go in front of the camera and represent this country singing a mindless piece of drivel.

I could write a song better than that in my bath whilst drunk and if you want a real competition for song writing I throw down the gauntlet.

Put at my disposal the studio/engineer and I will go head to head with you for the next contest in writing the next song that uses no gimmicky rises in tone.

Here's the song for what it's worth:

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