Life will never be the same again as Peter Andre admits to having sex with a woman after months of abstinence. The Pope has cancelled his duties and there is a national day of mourning in Cyprus because Peter Andre finally had sex.

Does anyone care if Peter Andre has had sex with a rather attractive model? is it important?

So Maddy Ford (the lady who finally got Peter to play hide the sausage) may or may not have done a 'Kiss and Tell' on Peter Andre.

I fail to see what this has to do with anything important and why the newspapers are trying to encourage the deification of minor celebrities.

Mr Andre is a rather good singer with a pretty good body and seems like a nice chap but there ends Peter Andre in terms of his importance.

If he is more important than that and really does deserve the attention he gets from the media then I owe him a big apology but as yet his great talent seems to evade human perception.

Can't really lay into the man because he appears decent enough but why oh why is he in the media for having sex when millions of people in Britain have sex every day with varying degrees of perversion in many different positions?

I think I have a possible answer.

Peter Andre is to be made pure by the media in some kind of tabloid baptism to cleanse him of sin by pointing out his errors and returning him to the path of righteousness through chastisement.

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