Peter Andre has hit the television screens with his new series, yet some critics are not too fond of the format of the show.

Here 2 Help is a show which chronicles Peter Andre on his quest to help people and organisations across the UK with his team as they try to bring a little cheer and hope to those who find themselves in awkward circumstances.

Critics have not been too kind to Peter and his new show and have chosen to attack the show's format and paint Peter as a shallow, two dimensional character who wastes the time of the emergency services and is opportunist in his quest to highlight the sickly sweet aspect of his public persona.

There may be some truth to this but Peter Andre is clearly a warm and sensitive chap who does care about people and the cause of the less fortunate and desperate.

Last night I watched Peter help an independent life boat station replace their leaking roof and provide additional storage space for them.

Ryde inshore rescue were more than grateful to Peter and his team for turning up and giving them the proper working conditions to allow them to get on with their job and save people from the perils that many face at sea.

The show highlighted the fact that the lifeboat team did not have the luxury to down tools when the cameras were there because they were out saving lives with the added pressure of a less than conducive working environment.

In Here 2 Help, Peter must recruit the help of skilled and unskilled members of the public to help him on whatever project he is is assigned.

For this help the Mysterious Girl singer then must perform a task for those who muck in. Last night saw Peter cleaning a hotel room, cleaning a toilet, visiting a centre for adults with learning difficulties and having a coffee with the wife of a helper.

Yes Peter Andre is cheesy and the show maximises on his 'awwww isn't he lovely' factor but who cares?

Peter is helping people whatever the motivation and in a day and age where greed and the 'me, me ,me' society is strangling our last vestiges or moral decency, this show breathes new life into the value of charity and coming together for a greater good to help our communities.

I don't want to point a finger at the community at Ryde and single it out but the Ryde lifeboat station did not fall into disrepair and find itself struggling because the community and local businesses were there at hand to help and fund the repair of the lifeboat station roof.

It fell into disrepair because they were not, that does not mean that some members of the public are there to help and that some local businesses are not there to help fund but it is a reflection on our society that it takes a well known public face to motivate a community into action.

This is not a problem just of Ryde, this goes across the nation.

Hopefully we as a nation can learn the  lesson that our communities can be regenerated and lives changed by us.

It has been a while since I wrote something nice about a celeb because I am against the endless reporting on their unimportant lives but 10 out of 10 Peter for doing this show… last a celeb using their overexposure to the media for the good of his fellow man.

We need to mend our meaningless society.

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