Peter Andre,  who has made more of name for himself as a father than an artist, has beaten off stiff competition from Gary Barlow and other famous fathers to be crowned 'Dad of the Year'.

Now Peter is an awfully nice chap and well done to him but let's face it, if you have plenty of money to spend doting on your children, being a father is a far easier job than if you have to work 12 hour shifts on minimum wage with no provision for child care.

Not taking anything away from someone who genuinely cares deeply for his kids who are the centre of his world and to say anything else of Peter and his devotion to his children would be a little out of order and basically inaccurate.

However, what about all the fathers out there working their backsides off to try and provided the best for their children who still can't afford to take them on holiday or on decadent shopping trips?

Not a mention of a father who has to pick up his children from the mother who has had no sleep after working a shift for less than what Peter earns in half an hour's worth of work.

Try going to the beach and being a responsible parent when you can't keep your eyes open when you have no personal assistants or backup of any kind.

This is a fantastical award for those who have the means to provide the idyllic upbringing  for their children and there is more to this. Peter Andre is a buff, well toned handsome man and that makes him a great catch for many women who perceive him as the ultimate in fathers.

How buff would Peter be if he did not have the time or money required to hone that perfect physique?

Walking around looking like a catalogue model with children in top designer gear is not an achievable goal for most single fathers so an award like this is like parading a fat person on a carnival float eating a burger through a famine stricken African village.

Don't take a pop at Peter, he may not be the brightest spark but if you must levy criticism please place it at the feet of this hideous award and the people who decide who it goes to.

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