Peter Andre has had the Tattoo of his ex-wife Katie Price finally removed from his finger where the wedding ring traditionally sits a year after they divorced.

On the This Morning show Peter revealed his tattoo-less finger to the world after a lengthy six month procedure to remove the tattoo which has taken its time so as not to cause any scaring to Peter's hands.

Peter Andre's appearance on The This Morning Show comes ahead of his 7 day trial in court against his former wife Katie Price due to start on Thursday.

The trial which is expected to be nasty and one of the biggest celebrity trials of the year will see Andre look for recompense over the allegations made by Katie Price on The Graham Norton show last year Blah Blah Blah Blah.

First of all why on earth would anyone have a tasteless tattoo of their wife on their wedding finger?

Its like a badge saying "I am not very cultural and have decided that the ring is insufficient a symbol of my love and the wedding vows are also insufficient a medium of expressing my faithfulness, so should anyone see me with my wedding ring off then they know to keep away because I am so very much in love".

In other words (not a  quotation from Peter just my interpretation) "I am not convinced that I am marrying the right woman because my insecurities on the matter  are up for public display" or "My wife forced me to do this".

Poor chap.

Peter is a decent well meaning bloke who genuinely did love Katie Price and maybe still does and this court battle is actually in some way an expression of this love to prove that he was not involved with anyone else when Katie said he was.

Peter may say that he just wishes to clear his name for his children to know that he was doing the right thing but I think it goes deeper than that.

But all in all rather unimportant news and not worth writing about what so ever.

The universe is about to grind to a halt and may contract somewhat as it prepares for the trial which is of greater significance than the big bang itself.

Or so one would believe if they thought that newspaper articles bore any relation to what actually matters.

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